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36+ Free Knitted Patterns for Christmas Stockings

Make your long holiday break happy and a bit artistic, knitting a bunch of stockings with both old-fashioned and unique patterns never seen before. Don’t forget to try the fluffier versions if you have loads of gifts to stuff inside for your family members. Get, set, and knit.

Free Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns

1. Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings

Knit these pretty stockings for the big day to tuck in gifts and goodies for the kiddos in the house.

Knit Christmas Stockings

2. Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern

Hanging these red cozy long socks from your mantle amidst the decoration adds more charm and merriness.

Knitted Christmas Stockings

3. Long Knit Christmas Stockings

The yarns or wools can also be obtained from an old sweater or cardigan that’s no longer in use to make these holiday-themed stockings.

Vintage Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern

4. Personalized Knitted Christmas Stocking

Personalized Knit Christmas Stocking

5. Personalized Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

Click on the download pattern and get the step by step instructions for the wonderful pattern

Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

6. Holiday Stocking with Mitten Pocket

The traditional feel of the stockings lends a gorgeous look to the Christmas tree. Make the holiday season more special and memorable.

Knit Christmas Stocking

7. Engraved Knit Christmas Stocking

Amigurumi Knit Christmas Stocking

8. Hand Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern

Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern

9. Small Knitted Christmas Stocking Pattern

Give a festive twist to the dainty stockings following a non-traditional theme for a decent feel.

Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

10. Handmade Knitted Christmas Stocking

Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern

11. Easy Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern Free

Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern Free

12. White Knit Christmas Stockings

Knit Stocking Christmas

13. Cable Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern

Hand Knit Christmas Stocking

Keeping in mind the same pattern you can cover the top of the stockings with fur pieces.

Knit Christmas Stockings with Fur

14. Christmas Stockings to Knit

The burgundy stockings are a beautiful representation of the most joyful festival of the month.

Christmas Knit Stocking Free

15. Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern Easy

The perfect knit pattern with gorgeous details provides an ecstatic feeling to the entire décor.

How to Knit a Christmas Stocking

16. Knitting Design for Christmas Stockings

Chunky Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

17. Hand Knit Wool Christmas Stocking

The striped stockings may inspire you to knit a pair of socks for your feet this freezing winter.

Striped Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

18. Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern with Straight Needles

Chunky Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

19. Vintage Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

You can knit this cozy stocking to take a break from the hectic Christmas shopping and decorations.

Fair Isle Knit Christmas Stocking

20. Knitting Pattern for a Christmas Stocking

The pattern provided in the tutorial does involve the pompom-making step. However, you can add your style to the stocking.

Loom Knit Christmas Stocking

21. Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern with Initials

What could be a better way to express your love towards someone special? Imagine the joy of finding the stockings on the Christmas morning.

Pattern for Knitted Christmas Stocking with Name

22. Mini Knitted Christmas Stocking

Beginner Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

23. Wool Knit Christmas Stockings

The idea of celebrating a traditional Christmas is to cherish the age-old rituals that bring peace and happiness to this day.

Knit Argyle Christmas Stockings

24. Easy Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Red Knit Christmas Stocking

25. Winter Knit Christmas Stockings

Although the pattern is a tad different from the image, you can knit a similar one using the instructions in the tutorial.

Knit Snowflake Christmas Stockings

26. Classic Christmas Knit Stocking

Take a break from stockings with abstract patterns and knit this one with a cuddly snowman.

Knit Snowman Christmas Stocking

27. Children’s Knit Christmas Stocking Gift

See the typical festive stocking that can be decorated with Christmas ornaments either for a Nordic or Scandinavian theme.

Knit Monogrammed Christmas Stocking

28. Red and White Knit Christmas Stocking

Colorful and fluffy, the stocking will steal your heart and make your decoration look even better.

Knit Reindeer Christmas Stocking

29. Little Boys’ Knit Christmas Stockings

The bright red stockings go well with the season and give you a reason to knit a pair for your baby.

Bell Knit Christmas Stockings

30. Small Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Thermal Knit Christmas Stockings

31. Free Christmas Stocking Pattern to Knit

The warmth of the stockings can be felt on the special day when the house is dressed like a bride.

Extra Long Knit Christmas Stocking

32. Contemporary Christmas Stocking Pattern

Easy Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern Free

33. Knitting Pattern Christmas Stocking

Pattern For Knitted Christmas Stocking

34. Women’s Christmas Stocking

A dinner table with silvery cutleries tucked inside the red stockings adds a new twist to the traditional décor.

Free Knitting Pattern for Christmas Stocking

35. Easy Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern

Sweater Knit Christmas Stocking

36. Fuzzy Knit Christmas Stocking

Flower Knit Christmas Stocking

With few weeks left for Christmas, you should waste no time in knitting these gorgeous stockings. Moreover, the dip in the temperature gives you more time to sit with your knitting needles and yarns indoor for doing something creative.

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  1. Sandi says:

    I have knitted one stocking, always looking for ideas for christmas stockings and learning to
    widen my horizons on creating. This wonderful patterns are and inspiration. Thanks to all those
    out there that love the craft.

  2. Betty Dolman says:

    how do i get the knitting pattern for the long knit vintage Christmas stocking

    • admin says:

      You just need to click on the bold heading above the image of the stockings of your choice. It will redirect you to the webpage containing the pattern.

  3. Wanda says:

    My sons girlfriend asked me to make stockings for her 3 sons & her. My son already has one I made

  4. I can not find the download for the knitted Christmas stocking. It is number 16 and has the name Hannah on the cuff. Can you help me

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