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21+ Arrangements for Mason Jar Flowers

Mason jar flower arrangements can deck up tables, doors, walls, hallways and balconies with aplomb. When you are making the flower decorations, there are certain things to be noted. One, choose seasonal blossoms and two, put water in the jars if the flowers are not fake ones.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangement Pictures

1. Make Your Own Mason Jar Flowers

Silver spray paint has been used to glam up the glass mason jars. A decorating idea like this can uplift your mood whenever you are feeling low.

Mason Jar Flowers

2. Handmade Mason Jar Flower Arrangement Idea

You just can’t take your eyes off the tulips. The lace embellishments on the containers add a vintage look to the DIY vases.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

3. DIY Mason Jar Flower Vases

Mason Jar Flower Vases

4. Simple Homemade Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

You can keep this flower arrangement simple with white roses or bring in some layering with other flowers like hydrangea and waxflower.

Simple Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

5. Mason Jars for Planting Flowers

You can make an indoor garden with mason jar planters and use them for growing flowers. Give the flower pots a rustic look by covering them with burlap.

Planting Flowers in Mason Jars

6. DIY Wedding Flower Arrangements in Mason Jars

You can have this arrangement for country weddings or bridal showers. Large mason jar vases would look good for the occasion. Take your pick from sunflowers and wild flowers.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangements for Weddings

7. Potted Flowers in Mason Jar

Mason Jar Flower Pot

8. Mason Jar Lights With Flowers

Mason Jar With Lights And Flowers

9. How to Make Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

How to Arrange Flowers in a Mason Jar

10. Flowers in Mason Jar With Burlap

Mason Jar With Burlap And Flowers

11. Blue Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Blue mason jars and white or pink flowers lend a classy look to the dining table. You can have small mason jar vases as photo props.

Blue Mason Jar Flowers

12. Flowers for Decorating Mason Jar

Fall flowers in orange and brown hues suit the season. You can add purple flowers to add to the fun. If you dislike the idea of real flowers as they dry fast, you can arrange fake flowers in the mason jar.

Decorating Mason Jar with Flowers

13. Glittery Gold Mason Jar With White Flowers

This gold painted mason jar has been decorated towards its bottom with gold and silver glitter. If you want, you can paint it rose gold and it looks lovely adorned with baby’s breath.

Gold Mason Jars with White Flowers

14. Mason Jar Wall Flower Holder for Your Home

Mason Jar Wall Flower Holder

15. Flowers in Mason Jar With Lemons

Lemons and flowers in a mason jar is a unique combination. They instill a mood of freshness to the table decorations. You can have large mason jar flower pots for accommodating both the flowers and the fruits for a baby shower.

Lemons in Mason Jars with Flowers

16. Mason Jar with Fall Flower Arrangement

Mason Jar Fall Flower Arrangement

17. DIY Flower Arrangement in Mason Jar For Baby Shower

Pink flowers jazz up your mason jar flower arrangement for a baby shower. Artificial silk and paper flowers also look lovely in the cute containers. If you are arranging for a birthday party, you can write happy birthday on a piece of paper and hang it from the mason jar neck with twine.

Mason Jar Flowers DIY For Baby Shower

Mason jar Christmas flower arrangements are a mix of reds greens and whites. Choose the flowers that suit the festive season.

Christmas Flower Arrangement In Mason Jar

18. Sober Chalk Painted Mason Jars with Flowers

Chalk Painted Mason Jars with Flowers

19. Dried Flowers in Mason Jar For a Distressed Look

Add a unique dimension to your bridal shower decorations by putting dried flowers in mason jars. You can decorate the neck of the jar with ribbon or twine.

Dried Flowers in Mason Jar

20. Hanging Mason Jar Flower Arrangement Holder For Wedding

This mason jar sconce would be an awesome container for arranging flowers. You can hang it against a wall or the door for your guests to admire its beauty. For the night, you can throw in some candles or fairy lights for instilling a romantic aura.

Hanging Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

21. Mason Jar Flower Frog Lid Instructions

Mason Jar Flower Frog Lid

If you don’t have the time or patience to arrange flowers in mason jars, you can have a bouquet and place it in the jar. Spring flowers would look beautiful in the DIY flower vases. What’s more? You would earn laurels for

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