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18 Cool DIY Cat Tree Plans

If you have a cat as a pet, there are chances that you are looking for designs of resting, climbing and scratching pads for it. Your search ends here with these great DIY ideas. Homemade cat trees have unique looks and can be made from a variety of materials like cardboard, carpets, ropes, even real trees. You would find the tutorials pretty self-explanatory.

DIY Cat Tree Plan Pictures

1. DIY Cat Tree Instructions

A basic cat tree involves a pretty simple method and comes cheap. You might have to use plan blueprints for your work. Your efforts should be focused towards the comfort of your pet.

DIY Cat Tree

2. Make A Cat Tree

A wooden cat tree has a rustic look that is hard to ignore. Your kitty would look cute perched on it. It would also love scratching the post.

How to Make a Cat Tree

3. Build a Cat Tree from Scratch

Build Your Own Cat Tree

4. FreeDIY Cat Tree Plan

This project takes around 12 hours for beginners. The supplies are sisal rope, screws, board, natural carpet and MDF. Your cat can climb, nap and scratch this three-branch cat tree that doubles as a condo.

DIY Cat Tree Plan

5. DIY Real Cat Tree

A natural cat tree with leaves would be a fun addition to your house. The real branches would provide a favorite playing area for your pussy. If you want, you can select a tall tree that extends from the floor to the ceiling, much to your pet’s delight. You can have it indoors or outdoors.

DIY Cat Tree Using Real Tree

6. DIY Small Cat Tree Made Of Cardboard Boxes

The modern, modular looks of this cardboard box cat tree is a winner. You can also choose a litter box for this project. It comes in handy when you have only a small space to spare in your house for your cat.

DIY Cardboard Cat Tree

7. Cat Tree House DIY

A cat tree house plan can help you in building this lovely shelter for your feline friend. The wood adds to the attraction.

DIY Cat Tree House

8. Easy DIY Cat Tree Plan

Industrial felt and plywood were used in making this short and simple cat tree. Three pieces of plywood are laminated together and paper is glued to them to protect the wood.

Easy DIY Cat Tree

9. DIY Cat Tree from PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe DIY Cat Tree

10. Cat Tree DIY Design for Large Cats

DIY Cat Tree for Large Cats

11. DIY Driftwood Cat Tree Idea

DIY Driftwood Cat Tree

12. DIY Ladder Cat Tree

A DIY cat tree ladder looks cool with a red seat on top. You can use a small ladder to fit in a tiny area or use a tall one to give ample climbing space to your kitty. The hammock comes as a plus.

Ladder Cat Tree DIY

13. DIY Lush Cat Christmas Tree

DIY Cat Christmas Tree

14. DIY Neat Crate Cat Tree

DIY Crate Cat Tree

15. DIY Cozy Pallet Cat Tree

DIY Pallet Cat Tree

16. Wall Mounted Large Cat Tree DIY

DIY Cat Tree on Wall

17. DIY Cactus Cat Climbing Tree

Cactus Cat Climbing Tree DIY

18. Space-saving DIY Cat Tree Shelves

Instead of positioning your cat tree shelf on the wall, as shown in the picture below, you can have a corner shelf if you are running short of space in your room. The shelf can also be put over a door.

DIY Cat Tree Shelves

You would love to give shape to these cat trees that have an aesthetic appeal. They would keep your pussy busy all day. Your guests would love the ball of fur perched up high in your room when they pay you a visit. So what’s stopping you? Gather your materials and you are good to go.

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