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18+ Creative DIY Ideas to Make a Vision Board

A vision or dream board, as the name itself suggests is the collage or compilation of pictures on a board, highlighting one’s goals, aspirations as well as dreams. It could be made on a foam board, chart paper, or even on a whiteboard, with every detail about several aspects jotted down meticulously. The images can comprise of magazine cutouts or even postcard-sized photographs on the theme or subject.  Take a look at the host of different tutorials that follow to get an idea of how to make a vision board.

Pictures of DIY Vision Board Ideas

1. Easy DIY to Make a Vision Board

You could make the vision board as colorful as possible to induce positivity.

How to Make a Vision Board

2. How to Make a Feng Shui Vision Board

Make sure to get a big-sized art board to accommodate all of the goals. Instead of using marker pens, you may even write them on a chart paper of the corresponding color and stick it there.

How to Make a Feng Shui Vision Board

3. How Do You Make a Good Vibes Vision Board

You could stick magazine cut-outs or even quotes as well as messages.

How Do You Make a Vision Board

4. DIY Weight Loss Vision Board

A weight-loss vision board is of utmost importance if you are hell-bent on shedding off those extra calories. Pasting “then” and now” photographs of yourself or of those you look up to when it comes to maintaining a good physique would inspire you more to stick to your regime.

How to Make a Vision Board for Weight Loss

5. DIY to Create a Vision Board As a Couple

A couple’s vision board helps both to maintain clarity in a relationship and also get an understanding of one’s expectation from the other.

How to Make a Couples Vision Board

6. How to Make a Vision Board for Goal Setting this New Year

New Year resolutions are broken as quickly as they are made. To help one remember their promises, a goal vision board like this one with the main points underlined would indeed be a perfect choice.

How to Make a Vision Board for Goals

7. How to Make a Traveler’s Notebook Vision Book

A vision board can be made in a notebook, too, like done here. If you have places on your bucket list to visit, stick each one of them on separate pages so that you may not deviate from your desire in the future.

How to Make a Vision Board Notebook

8. DIY Christian Vision Board

How to Make a Christian Vision Board

9. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Family Vision Board

A family vision board could comprise photographs of each family member along with goals that they are to meet. This helps inducing responsibility in each one of them.

How to Make a Family Vision Board

10. Tutorial to Make a Vision Board for Students

Taking a cue from the tutorial above, you may design a board like the one in the following image for students. The learning tree could have several markers on it, talking about things the learners need to achieve.

How to Make a Vision Board for Students

11. Directions to Make a “The Secret-Inspired” Vision Board

The law of attraction, as portrayed in the famous best-seller, the Secret, has inspired many to make vision boards. The notion there that one’s thoughts have a direct impact on his or her life has become a guiding force in people’s life. Since then, many have wished to design a dream board about their desires and aspirations.

How to Make a Vision Board The Secret

12. Wedding Vision Board DIY Instructions

The wedding vision board could serve as a planner helping you not to miss out on anything important.

How to Make a Wedding Vision Board

13. DIY to Make a Colorful Vision Board

This colorful vision board with a whole lot of optimism is what one desires to own.

DIY Vision Board

14. Interesting Idea to DIY Vision Board

DIY Vision Board Idea

While making a vision board on religious thoughts, sacrifice, or self-love, a bright-colored one as this would be a good choice.

Vision Board on Self Love and Positivity

15. Vision Board for Kids DIY

Vision Board for Kids DIY

16. DIY Making a Vision Board without Magazines

How to Make a Vision Board without Magazines

17. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Vision Board that Works

Keep your vision board near your work desk or at a place where it is easily accessible and visible to you.

How to Make a Vision Board That Works

18. Dream Vision Board DIY

A dream board is for long term planning, while a vision board is meant for short term goals. So it is for you to decide if you want something for the present or near future.

Dream Board

The ideas mentioned above would certainly help in making vision boards for any occasion or purpose. You could design one for yourself, your kid, your students, or anyone else. With digitalization at its peak, many wish to make vision boards online. Yet, making one offline with boards and charts provides a more realistic feel.

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