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24 + Creative DIY Sponge Painting Ideas for Kids and Adults

Sponge painting is one of the most creative things to do for kids as well as adults. The little ones would have a blast in painting several shapes and designs like flowers, animals, leaves, etc. While the adults would enjoy a rendezvous with a sponge in making landscapes and other complicated sceneries. The interior walls of your bedroom or bathroom could get a glaze and shine by sponge painting them. You could either use the sponge or attach it with a brush for easing the task. These unique tutorials that follow make the sponge technique easier.

DIY Sponge Painting Pictures

1. DIY Sponge Painting

Make unique brushes by attaching the sponges to a peg. Have your kiddos to make designs of their choice on the walls or even on a craft paper.

Sponge Painting

2. Technique to Sponge Paint a Wall Green

Making exciting patterns with a sponge would give your wall a unique appearance. Sea or kitchen sponges serve as an apt option for the craft.

Sponge Painting Walls

You could gift this beautiful sponge-painted canvas to your pal on the occasion of a baby shower if she has a girl-in-waiting. Change the shade to blue if it is otherwise.

Pink Sponge Paint

3. How to Sponge Paint Your Bedroom

The blotch-like design on the wall gives it a graceful look.

How to Sponge Paint

4. Interesting Tutorial to Sponge Paint Your Bathroom Walls

Sponge paint your bathroom walls with a color that contrasts with your bedroom and living room.

Sponge Painting Bathroom Walls

5. How to Sponge Paint a Galaxy

The stunning visual effect of blending blue, black, purple, white, and pink paint, makes the galaxy look increasingly magnificent, no less than a real one.

How to Paint a Galaxy with Sponge

6. Instructions for Painting Clouds with a Sponge

The cloud has been made by dabbing sponge in white paint.

How to Paint Clouds with a Sponge

7. Unique and Easy Way to Sponge Paint Watermelon for Kids

Triangle-shaped sponges would help making the watermelon shape, while the black spots done through finger painting stand for the seeds.

Sponge Painting for Kids

8. Sponge Stamped Triangle Collage DIY

While teaching shapes to your little one, using sponges would help to learn the skill better.

Sponge Shapes for Painting

9. Directions to Paint a Canvas Using Acrylic Paint and Pouf Sponge

A pouf sponge brings in an abstract design on canvas. Try using two to three shades for a spectacular appeal.

Sponge Painting On Canvas

10. Classy Butterfly Art with Sponge DIY

To get an exact butterfly shape, tightly tie a rubber band to the middle of a sponge.

Butterfly Sponge Painting

11. Sponge Painting a Faux Brick Wall

Brick Sponge Painting

12. Christmas Tree Sponge Painting DIY

Embellish it as much as possible for a gorgeous appeal.

Christmas Sponges for Painting

13. How to Make a Cute Heart Sponge Painting for Toddlers

If doing this for an adult, you could cut a huge heart-shaped sponge for the outline. Spray paint inside with pink or red shade for a cool look.

Heart Sponge Painting

14. Sponge Painting for Toddler DIY

Make something in green, white, and red in case of a Christmas theme.

Sponge Painting Toddlers

15. How Do You Sponge Paint a Concrete Floor

Sponge Painting Concrete Floors

16. Fall Leaves Sponge Painting DIY

Using a plethora of colors adds brightness and charm.

Sponge Painting Fall Leaves

17. Sponge Painting Over a Dar Color DIY

Sponge Painting Over a Dark

18.  Tree Sponge Painting for Beginners

The combination of small and big dots creates a stunning visual impact.

Sponge Tree Painting

You could cut sponges in the shapes of the alphabets while teaching your tiny tots.

Alphabet Paint Sponges

19. Sponge Painted Apple Craft for Kids

You could make a whole lot of other fruits following this pattern, and stick them on a whiteboard for your little one to grasp the names with ease.

Apple Sponge Painting

Demarcate the sponge into several sections and apply the colors of the rainbow on them. Swipe the sponge along the paper to see all the shades magically applied to it.

Rainbow Sponge Painting

20. DIY to Sponge Paint a Night Sky

Sponge Paint Night Sky

21. Sponge Painting Flowers DIY

The red flowers against the yellow background simply look lovely.

Yellow Sponge Painting

22. Sponge Painted Flowers for Kids DIY

The small red floral imprints in between the big purple ones, add to the beauty of the presentation.

Sponge Painting Flowers

23. How to Paint a Sunset with Sponge

The amalgamation of sponge and paintbrush would help make a fantastic sunset, as shown in the link above.  Be as creative as possible in bringing down a serene, picturesque landscape on canvas.

Sponge Painting Sunset

24. Interesting Sponge Painting Ideas

Cut the sponges according to the design you wish to paint. During Christmas, you could even sponge paint snowflakes and trees following the pattern mentioned in the above link.

Sponge Painting Idea

The most appropriate sponge used for sea painting is the sea variety since it is reusable and also economical. You could pick up your kitchen or dish sponges or even pouf sponge for the tasks. Be it for decorating your room or making amazing designs, sponge painting helps you achieve it all.

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