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42 Design Ideas for Spray Paint Shirts

Add a dash of color to the boring shirts to zing up your wardrobe. Spray painting enables you to achieve that in a creative way without needing much of an artistic effort. Read on to know how.

Spray Paint Shirt Designs

Spray Paint a Shirt

A clever use of masking tape does the trick for this one. Add to that, the fringes cut at the bottom.

Spray Paint on Shirt

Homemade Spray Paint T-shirt

Stencil the initials of your daughter to spray paint at the front of a T-shirt and throw in a few hearts for a girly look.

Spray Paint T Shirt

Spray Painted Shirt Video

Spray Painted Shirt

Spray Paint Art on T-Shirt

Spray paint an old shirt to reflect your taste. If you like graffiti, you could use the shirt as your canvas. This one, for example, belongs to a guy who loves skating!

T Shirt Spray Paint

Spray Paint Design on Shirt

Fabric spray paint and paper stencils are the main ingredients of this craft. You will love doing this!

Using Spray Paint on Shirts

DIY Spray Paint Stencil Shirt

Create a punk style graphic in Photoshop and off you go spray painting.

Spray Paint White Shirt

Fun Way to Spray Paint Your Black T-shirt

Create a cool T-shirt for a guy by spraying white on chain rings placed on a black canvas.

Spray Paint Black T-shirt

Stencil T-Shirt Spray Paint

Make a normal tee apt for 4th of July by first printing “USA” on paper and then creating a stencil out of it with craft plastic.

T Shirt Spray Paint Stencil

Idea for Spray Painting Shirt

Showcase the nature lover in you by spray painting dark colors over fern fronds held against a plain white T-shirt.

Spray Painting Shirt

Shirt Spray Paint in Multi-Color

Indulge in multiple colors after putting painter’s tape all along the body of a white shirt in a pattern of your choice.

Shirt Spray Paint

Spray Paint T-Shirt Craft

Choose a catchy caption to display on your shirt, cut it out of freezer paper, iron and spray paint. Yes, it is that easy. Just let your imagination run wild.

Spray Paint for T-Shirt

Cheap Spray Painted T-Shirt Design

A botanical spray paint shirt is a nature lover’s delight. Grab any greenery like twigs, branches, leaves or flowers to kick start the project.

Spray Painted T-Shirt

Spray Painting for T-shirt

A cotton shirt might be lying unnoticed at a corner of your wardrobe waiting to be splattered all over with paint and flaunted in the bright summer sun.

Spray Painting a T-shirt

Spray Paint Flag Shirt Guide

Attending a 4th of July parade doesn’t necessarily mean buying a new flag tee. Recycle an old shirt by putting on spray paint in the appropriate colors.

How to Spray Paint a T-Shirt

Spray Paint on T-Shirts

Design your own stencils on contact paper and spray away in bliss! However, don’t overdo it lest the shirt becomes saturated with color.

Spray Paint on Shirts

White Spray Paint on a Black Tee Shirt

Though this one looks expensive, this frugal project lowers the costs by banking on a digitally designed stencil for the logo.

Spray Paint Tee Shirt

Fabric Spray Paint Design for Black T-Shirt

A fab galaxy print shirt is the gift of the right spray effects and a cool tie dye scrunch.

Spray Paint T Shirt Design

Valentine T-shirt Spray Paint Idea

This tutorial boasts of some handy tips to avoid the color of the red fabric spray paint from bleeding into the letters instead of leaving sharp lines.

Spray Paint T-Shirt Idea

Spray Painting T-Shirts with Stencils

Handmade T-shirts are the pride of any art student. They could take a cue from these neon painted stenciled shirts.

Spray Paint Stencil T-Shirts

How to Make Fabric Spray Paint T-shirt

Invest in a fun paper punch with crazy designs to create a puzzle piece or starry effect on your shirt. No exacto knife needed for the freezer paper stencils!

Fabric Spray Paint for T-Shirt

Inspiring Spray Paint Design for Shirt

A polyester shirt carrying a motivational message could be a rage in the college campus.

Spray Paint Shirt Design

Spray Paint Couple Shirts

Spray Paint Shirts for Couples

How Do You Spray Paint Shirt with Tape for Design

Spray Paint Shirt and Use Tape for Design

Spray Paint Shirt DIY

DIY Spray Paint Shirt

Spray Paint Art T-shirt

Spray Paint Art Shirt

Masking Tape and Spray Paint Shirt Tutorial

In this DIY masking tape was used to mark off a crisscrossed area. Then, covering off the remaining parts with newspaper, the cross was spray-painted liberally for a stunning look.

Masking Tape and Spray Paint Shirt

You could also use duct tape for the same purpose.

Duct Tape Spray Paint Shirts

Spray Paint Stencil for Birthday Shirt

The gold paint adds a much-needed glitz to the mundane white background. You can adopt the same method for quinceanera shirts.

Spray Paint Birthday Shirt

Custom Spray Paint Black Shirt

Spray Paint Black Shirt

Spray Paint a Cotton Shirt

Spray Paint Cotton Shirt

Camo Spray Paint Design Idea for Shirt

Spray Paint Camo Shirt

Disney Themed Spray Paint Shirt

Get ready for a Disney holiday by downloading Mickey templates from the above-linked website for freezer paper stencils and spray painting T-shirts in colors of your (err, your kid’s) choice.

Spray Paint Disney Shirt

Here is another wonderful Disney pattern for the kids to enjoy.

Spray Paint Mickey Shirt

Tie Dyed Spray Paint Shirt

Spray Paint Tie Dye Shirt

Stylish Spray Paint Flag Shirt

Spray Paint Flag Shirt

Spray Paint Graffiti on Shirt

Spray Paint Graffiti Shirt

Spray Paint a Galaxy Shirt

Spray Paint Galaxy Shirt

Fourth of July Spray Paint Shirt How-to

Spray Paint Fourth of July Shirt

Custom Spray Paint Name on Shirt

Spray Paint Custom Shirt with Name

Spray Paint Ombre Shirt DIY

Spray Paint Ombre Shirt

Punk Spray Paint Shirt

Spray Paint Punk Shirt

Spray Paint Printing on a T-shirt

Spray Paint T Shirt Printing

Personalized Spray Paint T-shirts

Spray Paint Personalized T-Shirts

Spray Paint Shirt with Stripes

Spray Paint Stripes Shirt

Spray Painting Tips

  • Fabric paints like Tulip and Krylon are a good choice for the technique. Avoid oil based and acrylic paints.
  • Around a couple of hours is sufficient to let the paint dry. You can hasten the process with a hair dryer.
  • It is important to wash the shirts with mild detergent and cold water to make the prints last longer.
  • It is best to hand wash them but if that is not possible machine wash in the gentle cycle.

We are sure that the design ideas presented in this article will make for a commendable and mentally fulfilling creation.

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