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16+ Creative Clothespin Bag Patterns and Ideas

How many times have you found yourself struggling to find clothespins for hanging clothes in the backyard? For this reason, a clothespin bag is of great help to stash the pegs into it and accessing them whenever needed. Given below is a list of tutorials that show you how to turn leftover fabrics or worn out bags into a clothespin holder.

Clothespin Bag Pattern

1. Shark Clothespin Bag

This easy-sew mischievous shark would undoubtedly get the kids to help you with your laundry chore during the summer holidays.

Clothespin Bag

2. Canvas Clothespin Bag

Sewing enthusiasts now have another project in their kitty to make a peg holder with few pieces of fabric. Insert a dowel inside and put it up on your clothing line.

Clothespin Bag Pattern

Add an Amish style to the clothespin, layering the collar and center of the bag with a different fabric. You need to make few adjustments in the measurements as seen in the image below.

Amish Clothespin Bag

3. Quilted Clothespin Bag Tutorial

Here, burlap is used for the outer fabric and quilting cotton scraps as the inner lining. You can also use it as a laundry bag to carry the dried clothes back to your house.

How to Make a Clothespin Bag

4. Make it Yourself: Clothespin Bag

The daily task of washing and drying clothes can be made a bit fun with a recycled peg bag.

Clothespin Bag Image

5. DIY Fabric Clothespin Bag

A thrifty investment would give you a chance to have this vintage clothespin bag hanging in your backyard.

DIY Clothespin Bag

6. Crochet a Recycled Clothes Pin Bag

Say farewell to boring clothes bag at the stores as this tutorial encourages you to use balls of yarn and needle to crochet this creation.

Crochet Clothespin Bag Pattern Free

7. Clothespin Bag Instructions

Clothespin Bag Holder

8. Cute Clothespin Bag

Is your sewing machine lying unused at home? Set it up soon as you can’t miss trying out this fabulous peg bag.

Vintage Clothespin Bag

9. Easy Clothespin Bag

Layered with multiple fabrics, the thick clothespin holder will bring back the golden memories of childhood when you would play in your backyard while the clothes dried.

Lidded Clothespin Bag

10. Clothespin Bag Idea

Clothespin Bag Tutorial

11. Peg Bag Tutorial

It’s hard to believe how the bits and pieces of fabric are sewn together to make a cool clothespin bag.

Homemade Clothespin Bag

12. Handmade Clothespin Bag

Your clothespin bag should be made thicker if you want to accommodate a huge bunch of pegs.

Sewing a Clothespin Bag

13. Double Clothespin Dress Bag

The beautiful clothespin bag is styled like an antique dress of the yesteryears. Put it up on the clothing line and see how the neighbors keep admiring your backyard.

Clothespin Clothes Peg Bag

You can layer the bag with unique fabric patterns to create a couple of such holders to manage your hectic laundry work.

Dirndl Clothespin Bag

14. Embroidered Clothespin Bag

Embellished with a clothing hanger line and clothes the peg bag looks creative and real. It’s surely a good decorative addition to your backyard.

Clothespin Laundry Bag

15. Denim Clothespin Bag

Every closet may have at least a pair of tattered jeans that would no longer be in use again. Grab a denim needle and dish out a funky clothespin holder.

Jeans Clothespin Bag

16. Simple Outdoor Clothespin Bag

Retro Clothespin Bag

It’s time to gather all the materials and start stitching the pieces together to make an all-purpose laundry pin holder.

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