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20+ DIY Drop Cloth Curtains For You to Make

Curtains are an inseparable and significant part of interior and outdoor décor. The fashionable yet sturdy pieces add a touch of class to your den. While a lot of jaw-dropping designs are the forte of the commercially available ones, you can’t ignore their whopping prices. Enter the humble drop cloth. Originally used by painters for their craft, they make great curtain material without a great deal of fuss.

Drop Cloth Curtain Ideas

1. Drop Cloths as Curtains

You may like to stencil drop cloths to create adorable custom curtains of your own. They can be hung on a screened-in patio for an envy-worthy makeover. You can go ahead and color-coordinate with pillows in blue and violet.

Drop Cloth Curtains

2. DIY Outdoor Drop Cloth Curtain

If you own a covered back patio, you may consider hanging drop cloth curtains for a gorgeous cabana look. The step by step walks you through the procedure of creating the curtain rod, attaching it to the wall and fixing curtain rings to hold up the curtain. The DIY for the nautical curtain tie back comes as a bonus.

Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtain

3. Paint Canvas Drop Cloth Shower Curtain

Canvas drop cloths are the main ingredients of the curtain panels. Spread out the drop cloth and tape the stripes with frog tape. Paint it, let it dry and take off the tape for this beautiful piece. This one boasts of grommets for hanging.

Paint Drop Cloth Curtain

4. How to Make Curtains Out Of Canvas Drop Cloths

Just take a 6X9 inch canvas drop cloth used in painting and cut it in half. Then hot glue the rough edges and the top for the curtain rod to pass. Then leave it to painter’s tape to do the rest of the DIY. You can use the curtain outdoors as well.

Canvas Drop Cloth Curtains

5. Painted Drop Cloth Curtains

These drop cloth curtain panels were ironed in the first step to stretch out the fabric comfortably. Painter’s tape is used for the painting job. After it dries, you should attach the grommets. The panels need some stitching for the hems.

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

6. Large Curtains Made from Painter’s Drop Cloths

Faux pinch pleats ensure that the curtain clips are not visible and the curtain looks fashionable. Since the curtains are longer than the windows, they were folded at the top without the need for any cutting and stitching.

Painter’s Drop Cloth Curtains

7. DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains for Patio

Just 5 steps in 5 minutes complete the project. The drop cloth is a cheaper alternative to expensive materials for curtains. The top of the curtain is folded in an accordion manner and curtain clips hold the pleats together.

No-Sew Drop Cloth Patio Curtains

More tutorials on no-sew curtains.

8. How to Dye Drop Cloth Curtains

You need to first wash and dry a canvas drop cloth before embarking on the project. It helps to make the fabric softer and take up the dye well at a later step. A Moroccan inspired stencil is used for the pattern. Instead of the variety of dye used here, you can use Rit dye.

Dyed Drop Cloth Curtain

Stitch a length of lace along the borders of a drop cloth curtain for a classy look. The lacy edge looks elegant in a bedroom setting.

Drop Cloth and Lace Curtain

9. DIY White Drop Cloth Curtain with a Twist

A fabric tape helps to create a rod loop at the edge of the fabric. Then the curtain rod is just passed through to hang the panels. Mark the border with chalk before folding.

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains with a Twist

10. Stenciled Curtain Made Out Of Drop Cloth

A 6 ft X 9 ft drop cloth goes into the making of this fancy curtain that requires stencils and a whole lot of colors for proper styling. You don’t need to sew the sides and the bottom of the cloth. Only sewing the top would do.

Stenciled Drop Cloth Curtain

11. Converting Bleached Drop Cloth into Curtains

Bleaching lends a soft, gorgeous and textured look to the drop cloth curtains. The neutral look suits the walls. The bleaching process is explained in detail in the above-linked tutorial. If you want, you can give it a blackout lining to keep the interiors cool and calm.

Bleached Drop Cloth Curtains

12. Burlap and Drop Cloth for Curtain

The farmhouse decorating trend of today’s world is testified by the burlap drop cloth curtains that lend a rustic look to the interiors. The appeal of the rough texture just can’t be ignored.

Drop Cloth and Burlap Curtain

13. Fabric Trim on Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop Cloth Curtains with Fabric Trim

14. Making Curtains from Drop Cloths with Ribbon Trim

Drop Cloth Curtains with Ribbon Trim

15. Drop Cloth Ruffled Curtain

Drop Cloth Curtain with Ruffle

16. Cool Drop Cloth Curtains with Valance

The 3-foot valance can either face the inside or the outside as per your choice. The seams being covered, the curtains showcase a neat and clutter-free look.

Drop Cloth Curtains with Valance

17. Smocked Drop Cloth Curtain

Drop Cloth Smocked Curtain

18. How to Paint Stripes on Drop Cloth Curtains

A little bit of simple Maths would help in the taping and painting for creating the stripes. You could alternate green or gray with white or apply any other choice of colors.

Drop Cloth Striped Curtains

19. Pleated Drop Cloth Curtain Idea

Pleated Drop Cloth Curtain

20. Café Drop Cloth Curtains

Just search for “curtain” in the above-linked post and you will get the tutorial of a fine work of drop cloth. The border is done by stitching the edge of a lace tablecloth. Incidentally, that is the only sewing required in the project.

Drop Cloth Cafe Curtains

On completion of the project, it is advisable to apply some water proofing spray on the curtains to prevent mold and mildew growth. You can use the gorgeous curtains for your porch, pergola, gazebo, kitchen, etc. They are cheap, easy to make and flaunt your creativity in style.

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