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5+ DIY Horseshoe Christmas Tree

With Christmas round the corner, it is a given that you would channelize your efforts to making the best Christmas tree in your neighborhood or area. Instead of the traditional materials why don’t you try building it out of unique things such as horseshoes? It lends a rustic look that is sure to get a lot of attention. What’s more? You can exercise the option of coloring it in uncommon vivid colors.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree DIY

1. Glam Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Did you know that the humble horseshoe can create offbeat Christmas trees that look gorgeous? The tree can be left as is or painted. Holes are drilled at the tops of the horseshoes to enable hanging of Christmas ornaments. You can also hang other art keeping the Christmas theme in mind.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

You can weld the horseshoes such that they open in the upward direction. Put in as many rows of horseshoes as you want. More number of rows makes a large Christmas tree. String in lights to illuminate the Christmas party.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree With Lights

2. Horseshoe Christmas Tree Tutorial

Here is a great Christmas tree for the holiday season. Welding and cutting are required for this project. So keep your power tools handy. The decoration could consist of balls hanging from the holes of the tree and a metallic star at the top. You might also want to make angel tree toppers for your DIY Christmas tree.

How to Make a Horseshoe Christmas Tree

3. Horseshoe Christmas Tree With Lights

This lighted up Christmas tree could be the center of attraction this Christmas what with the warm rustic looks. The video tutorial walks you through the process. Decorating with delightful Christmas ornaments will complete the looks. The star tree topper is the icing on the cake.

DIY  Horseshoe Christmas Tree

You can choose a beautiful pattern for your Christmas tree. A red ribbon at the top accentuates the looks.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree Pattern

4. Horseshoe Christmas Tree of Metal

In the below picture you find the lowest row has 4 horseshoes. The number of horseshoes decreases as we go up. If you want a bigger tree, you could start with 5 horseshoes in the bottom row that decreases by 1 as you go up the rows. Welding and cutting are the staples of this project.

Metal Horseshoe Christmas Tree

A small Christmas tree can have a less as 3 horseshoes in the bottom-most row. A total of 6 horseshoes would be needed for the DIY excluding the ones required for the base.

Small Horseshoe Christmas Tree

5. Horseshoe Christmas Tree Video Instructions

For people using recycled horseshoes, keep a wire wheel handy to get rid of accumulated rust. Paint them in green and red, the colors of the season. You might adorn the tree with red ribbons for a chirpy look.

Directions for Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Another great idea would be to weld the horseshoes along an imaginary spherical shape for a 3D effect. Note how the rope that binds it along the outer circumference gives it a nautical theme.

3d Horseshoe Christmas Tree

The horseshoes give a unique curvaceous look to your Christmas tree that is classy. Try experimenting with different types of ornaments for the decoration. In keeping with the metallic look, you can carve the star or angel tree toppers out of metal sheets.

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