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17 DIY Paper Lampshades

Paper lampshades are an aesthetic lighting option. They are a fun way to light up your living space. You can also use them in your bedroom as bed lights. It is good to use paper that is fireproof or use low power lights (less than 60 watts) to keep fire hazards at bay.

Paper Lampshade DIY Pictures

1. Giant Paper Lampshades

These marbled paper lampshades are pretty easy to make. You can use them to enhance your interior décor or hang them over a summer party table.

Paper Lampshades

2. Geometric Paper Lampshade

This fun lampshade is made out of a single piece of paper. It can be easily customized to any size, color and paper thickness. It can beautifully transform your interiors.

Paper Lampshade

3. Paper Lampshade DIY

Cut strips of paper go into the making of this unusual lampshade. It boasts of two big spherical parts. If you don’t like plain white, you can go for pink, orange or yellow.

DIY Paper Lampshade

4. Making Lampshades Out Of Paper

The fine holes on the body of this DIY lampshade make it a pop pick. Just set it against the wall and adore the lovely shadows that adorn the background.

How to Make Paper Lampshades

5. DIY Decoupage Lampshade with Tissue Paper

Decoupage and tissue paper can make a unique accent for your bedroom. It is pocket-friendly and customizable according to your requirements. The handwriting script design is an attention grabber.

Decoupage Lampshade with Tissue Paper

6. DIY Paper Cyclone Lampshade

DIY Paper Lampshade Cyclone

7. Huge White Paper Lampshade

This large DIY lampshade owes its looks to paper pleats. It is a good way to recycle old paper and use it in an eco-friendly manner.

Huge Paper Lampshade

8. Nifty Patterned Paper Lampshade

This patterned paper lampshade can be customized to match your seasonal interior décor if you get bored of a lampshade design easily.

Patterned Paper Lampshade

9. Beautiful Handmade Square Paper Lampshade

This drum paper lampshade with a driftwood base boasts of rustic looks. Its body is covered with narrow strips of patterned paper.

Handmade Square Paper Lampshade

10. Adorable Cat Paper Lampshade

A Hello Kitty lampshade can be the center of attraction of a birthday party. Kids would be enamored by it. The cute red bow at the side adds to the sweetness of the kitty face.

Cat Paper Lampshade

11. Rustic Paper Lampshade Design

Just a few supplies like rice paper, lampshade, pressed leaves, craft glue and a super creative mind would make you nail this project. The leaves give it a classic vibe.

Paper Lampshade Design

12. Cool Colored Paper Lampshade

Colored Paper Lampshade

13. Make Your Own White Wax Paper Lampshade

White Wax Paper Lampshade

14. Hot Air Balloon Paper Lampshade

Balloon Paper Lampshade

15. Origami Folded Paper Lampshade Instructions

Origami Folded Paper Lampshade

16. Exotic Paper Flower Lampshade

Paper Flower Lampshade

17. Huge Paper Globe Lampshade Idea

Paper Globe Lampshade Idea

Extra-large round paper lampshades look like a million bucks. You can opt for florals if its spring round the corner. Astro enthusiasts can have funky zodiac patterns on their homemade paper lampshades. You can use styrene or parchment paper for your craft, apart from the paper types mentioned in the tutorials. The lampshade might be quite commonplace, but it can easily be the center of attraction of your den if crafted aesthetically.

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