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66+ DIY Summer Wreath Ideas To Hang on Your Door

Decorating our homes with beautiful wreaths is something most of us enjoy doing. In the long summer months, when the heat outside is keeping you indoors most of the time, bring your creative self out and get set to fill your house with a host of colorful wreaths using season flowers, printed fabrics, twigs or anything that pleases you. Let’s take a look at the various styles you may implement to make a summer wreath.

DIY Wreaths for Summer

1. How to Make a Pretty Succulent Wreath for Summer

The beautiful succulents adorning your wreath would certainly light up your mood on a hot summer day.

Summer Wreath Image

2. Tutorial to Make a Summer Wreath with Paper Umbrellas

These paper umbrellas sitting on your front door would set in the summer mood. Your kids would enjoy inserting the wreaths into the grapevine without much hassle.

Summer Wreath

3. Colorful Summer Wreath DIY

You can do absolute justice to your discarded summer wears by using the bright-colored fabrics in designing a great wreath. You can add scraps of ribbon along with the fabric for further decoration.

DIY Summer Wreath

4. Cool Idea to Make an Enticing Summer Wreath

Go for refreshing foliage to match the summer mood. The greenery gives a spectacular visual effect that dazzles in the sun.

Summer Wreath Idea

5. A Beautiful Summer Lemon Wreath for Your Door

For a refreshing juicy effect, the faux lemons may even be replaced by faux watermelons.

Summer Door Wreath Picture

6. Summer Wreath to Decorate Your Front Door

Summer Wreath for Front Door

Applying the similar steps in the tutorial you can design a wreath with a host of wild flowers like the picture given here.

Summer Wildflower Wreath

7. Instructions to Make Door Wreaths for Summer

You can even add a light blue or pink fabric along with the white one if you plan to decorate it for a baby shower scheduled in the summer months.

Door Wreath for Summer

8. Homemade Summer Door Wreath

The lovely faux flowers with a grapevine wreath make for a rustic look.

Summer Door Wreath

9. How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath for Summer

You can go for a fruit theme by choosing an orange mesh and replacing the sea items with faux summer fruits like watermelon, lime, and mangoes.

Summer Mesh Wreaths

10. Summer Frog Wreath

After you have made the wreath, this tutorial would provide you with instructions on how to insert the frog into it.

Summer Frog Wreath

11.  Directions to Make a Front Door Wreath for Summer

If you have a wider door, make a bigger wreath and inscribe the words “hello summer” on it.

Front Door Wreath for Summer

12. DIY to Make a Magnolia Wreath for the Front Door

You can use a twig wreath and decorate a part of it with magnolia leaves for a primitive look.

Summer Wreath for Front Door

13. How to Make a Sunflower Wreath with Deco and Mesh

The cute beetle sitting on the sunflower gives it a realistic touch.

Summer Deco Mesh Wreaths

14. How to Make a Driftwood Wreath for Outdoors

If you have plenty of driftwood in your stock, make a wreath out of them for your garden door. You can even paint them in blue or any other soothing colors of your choice.

Outdoor Wreaths for Summer with Driftwood

15. How to Make a Summer Hydrangea Wreath

Summer Wreaths to Make

16. Easy Way to Make a Spring Summer Wreath

As spring bids adieu and summer sets in, this easy-to-make wreath by just arranging two garlands would fulfill your desire to decorate your home without toiling hard.

17. Pretty Lemon Wreath for Summer

Outdoor Summer Wreath Image

18. Gorgeous DIY to Make a Decorative Summer Wreath for Wedding

Placing this beautiful wreath on the front door would make for a lovely wedding decoration. You can also add a photo of you and your beau right in the middle for a personalized effect.

DIY Summer Wedding Wreath Idea

19. Pineapple Honeycomb Wreath for Summer Spring

The honeycomb pattern makes the wreath look even more unique.

Spring Summer Wreath Front Door

20. Easy DIY to Make a Colorful Rag Wreath for Summer

If you do not want to get into the trouble of sewing the flower, then glue a big showy bow or even a faux flower on the wreath.

Easy Summer Wreath to Make

21. How to Make a Patriotic Burlap Wreath for Summer

While decorating your home for the 4th of July, hanging a lovely burlap wreath bearing all the colors of the American flag along with the stars, would be a perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

Summer Burlap Wreath for 4th of July

Another unique theme would be to cover a grapevine wreath with the U.S. flag and attach a blue start to it.

Summer Patriotic Wreath

22. DIY  Burlap Wreath for Beginners

The cute birds and butterfly on your burlap wreath sets in the perfect summer fervor.

Burlap Summer Wreath

23. Feather Butterfly Wreath DIY

Colorful butterflies on the wreath create a vibrant effect.

Summer Butterfly Wreath

24. Beach Themed Summer Wreath for Front Doors

The umbrella and the ball would help recreate your memories of a happy beach holiday.

Summer Beach Wreath

25. Simple DIY to Make a Bike Wreath for Summer

The cute flowers sitting on the basket adds to its realistic touch. You can even add a passenger on the seat for a unique presentation.

DIY Summer Wreath

26. DIY Summer Door Wreath with Fishing Floats and Shells

The shells and floats would give you a feeling of the beach when you are confined indoors in the summer months.

DIY Summer Door Wreath

27. DIY Beach Inspired Wreath

Summer Beachy Wreath

28. Yarn Wrapped Wreath for Summer

If crocheting is your foray, then these flowers would be a mere cakewalk for you, giving your simple wreath a striking appearance.

Summer Yarn Wreath

29. How to Make a Cherry Yarn Door Wreath for Summer

How to Make Door Wreaths for Summer

30. DIY Summer Grapevine Wreath

If you plan to hang your grapevine wreath on the garden door, then the newspaper flowers may be replaced with fresh sunflowers or hydrangeas.

Summer Grapevine Wreaths

31. Making a Beautiful Wreath with Mesh and Ribbon 

Go for a bright pink, yellow or blue mesh to bring in the perfect summer mood.

Mesh Summer Wreath

32. Tutorial to Make a Decorative Summer Wreath with Flip Flops and Fabric Strips

While announcing your pregnancy in summer, you can keep one or two pairs of tiny flip flops on your wreath to keep your better half guessing.

Flip Flop Summer Wreath

33. Making a Rustic Star Wreath

Rustic Summer Wreath

34. Burlap Sunflower Wreath DIY

The amazing sunflowers would look fantastic when hung in the middle of your living room.

Summer Sunflower Wreath

35. DIY to Make Summer Hydrangea Wreath

The fresh hydrangeas gracing your door would spread its fragrance all over the place, make the hot season a peaceful one.

Summer Hydrangea Wreath

You can even make a grapevine wreath with fresh yellow tulips to brighten up your summer morning.

Yellow Summer Wreath

36. Tutorial to Make a Shabby Chic Floral Summer Wreath

You can wrap the vine wreath with burlap for a rustic effect.

Shabby Chic Floral Summer Wreath

Following the same instructions in the above tutorial, you can decorate your wreath with fresh Gerber daisies and add a showy ribbon to it just like the one in the image to follow.

Gerber Daisies Summer Wreath

Hydrangea Summer Wreath

37. DIY Lime Green Spring and Summer Birdhouse Wreath Tutorial

A beautiful bird house with little birdies scattered all over makes the burlap wreath even more enticing. The lime green theme makes it even more apt for summer.

Lime Green Country Summer Wreath

If you have managed to grow some Lily of the Valley, then arrange them beautifully in a basket and hang it on your door with a showy ribbon as shown in the given image.

Summer Lily of the Valley Wreath

38. Nautical-Themed Summer Wreath

After a ravishing vacation, keep a memory of it by making a wreath out of all that you collected during your stint in the ocean.

Summer Ocean Wreath

You can also wrap the wreath in burlap thread and attach a faux anchor and bow for a nautical effect.

Summer Navy Wreath

39. Garden Hose Spring Homemade Summer Wreath on a Black Door

The green wreath complements the black door well.

Homemade Summer Wreath

Another interesting concept would be to decorate the hose pipe with flowers as well as a cute lady bug resting in a corner.

Summer Ladybug Wreath

40. Tutorial to Make an Elegant Christmas Wreath for Summer

If you celebrate Christmas in July, then you can add hydrangeas, tulips and other flowers available in summer. Also, replace crab apples as shown in this tutorial with real or faux lemons and watermelon.

Summer Christmas Wreath

41. DIY Summer Wreath Using a Wicker

You can replace the faux flowers with real ones for a refreshing effect.

Summer Wicker Wreath

Instead of the birdies, you can also add a rooster to your twig wreath, also decorating it with flowers and other embellishments like the image here.

Summer Rooster Wreath

42. Instructions to Make a Picture Frame Wreath

Add a family photo of your beach vacation to frame your memories forever.

Summer Picture Frame Wreath

43. Summer Boxwood Wreath Instructions

Summer Boxwood Wreath

44. DIY Summer Chevron Wreath

The combination of blue and pink produces a soothing effect.

Summer Chevron Wreath

45. Easy to Make Grapevine Wreath with Seashells

You can paint the seashells for a stunning effect.

Summer Seashell Wreath

46. Rainbow Themed Summer Wreath with Burlap and Flower Punch

You can even add a multi-colored bow on the top for a colorful effect.

Summer Rainbow Wreath Tutorial

47. Easy Way to Make a Summer Monogrammed Letter Wreath

Summer Monogrammed Letter Wreath

48. Silk Flower Wreath to Make for Summer

Anyone could get deceived by passing it for real ones.

Silk Flower Summer Wreath

49. Pretty Pink Wreath for Summer

This pretty pink wreath made from faux flowers will serve as a fabulous home décor if you are expecting a little princess this summer.

Pretty Pink Summer Wreath

50. White and Blue Summer Wreath on a Red Door

Summer Wreath on a Red Door

51. DIY Patriotic Wreath with Cocktail Umbrellas

Another stylish decoration you can add to your 4th of July celebration list is a beautiful umbrella wreath bearing prints of the American flag.

Summer Cocktail Umbrella Wreath

52. Summer Wreath Made from Felt Flowers

You can even prefer gluing the felt flowers to a grapevine wreath for a rustic impact.

Felt Summer Wreath

53. DIY Summer Fabric Wreath

The inclusion of the lace makes your wreath look even more attractive.

Summer Fabric Wreath

54. DIY Owl Wreath for Summer

If you want cute elf owls sitting on your wreath just as they visit you during spring and summer, then this idea would be perfect. To retain the summer theme, you can choose brighter shades like yellow, blue, pink and green.

Summer Owl Wreath

55. Neon Pom Pom Wreath DIY

You can embellish it with beads for a brighter effect.

Summer Pom Pom Wreath

56. Handmade Peeps Wreath for Summer

If you have leftovers from your Easter craft, use the colorful peeps to make an adorable wreath to suffice the summer.

Peep Summer Wreath

57. Crocheted Watermelon Wreath

The piece of a water melon at one side of the wreath reflects the perfect summer spirit. You can also crochet other summer fruits like mango, and pineapple and put it on the other two sides.

Crochet Summer Wreath

58. Fabric Watermelon Wreath DIY

Another interesting idea to make a replica of the juicy fruit is by cutting fabrics matching the color of watermelon and knotting them on the wreath. For a splendid effect glue a faux watermelon at the bottom of the wreath.

Watermelon Summer Wreath

Arranging faux citrus fruits as shown here would create another marvelous craft work.

Summer Fruit Wreath

59. Flamingo Wreath for Summertime

You can decorate the flamingo with glitters.

Flamingo Summer Wreath

60. DIY Split Pea Wreath

The instructions in the tutorial would assist you to make a wreath like the one in the given image. Involve your kids in the summer craft fun who would be elated in sticking the peas on the wreath.

Split Pea Summer Wreath

61. Pinwheel Summer Wreath

The soft, soothing color complements the summer mood.

Pinwheel Summer Wreath

62. DIY Summer Clothespin Wreath

You can add a faux sunflower or dahlia to it.

Clothespin Summer Wreath

63. How to Make a Duct Tape Wreath

Duct Tape Summer Wreath

64. DIY Flip Flop Welcome Wreath

The instructions in the video would aid you in making a wreath like this one.

Welcome Summer Wreath

65. How to Make a Pine Cone Summer Wreath at Home

Paint the pine cones in soothing colors to give it the summer feel.

Pine Cone Summer Wreath

66. DIY Soothing Fern Wreath

Summer Fern Wreath

So with a host of stunning wreaths in your kitty, summer would be a creative one for you.

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