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18 DIY Tutorials for Making Felt Letters

Felt letters look attractive and are invaluable items of décor. You can use them as monograms on your shirts and stockings too. Their use as appliques adds to their versatility. You can have them in stuffed or plain forms. Some of the DIYs have a bit of sewing involved to give the letters a neat finish. You can experiment with various fonts and colors while designing the letters.

DIY Tutorials for Making Felt Letters Pictures

1. Felt Letters for You to Craft

Kids can play around with these adorable toy felt letters. You can make them in various sizes as per your wish. The letters are stuffed and require sewing. You can use patterns and templates for cutting the letters out of felt.

Felt Letters

2. Red Iron-on Felt Alphabet Letters

Felt letters look dapper on fabric. You can use them as patches and applique on shirts. If you want you can glam them up with glitter.

Felt Iron-on Letters

3. Felt Alphabet Letters DIY

The procedure of making these felt letters are simple and even kids can DIY them. You can choose yellow, white, purple, pink, gold and black felt for the project.

Felt Alphabet Letters

4. White Felt Letters for Christmas Stockings

Monograms look good on Christmas stockings and what better way to do them than felt letters? The individual letters have a visual appeal that is hard to ignore. Paper letters are stuck on felt, the felt is cut out along the letter border followed by the paper being peeled off.

Felt Letters for Christmas Stockings

5. Lowercase Iron-on Felt Varsity Letters

You can make small felt letters for your varsity t-shirt. You can play with different fonts such as old English, Greek and cursive styles.

Iron On Felt Varsity Letters

6. Large White and Green Felt Letters for Christmas

Shape your favorite Christmas words from felt. The felt ABC letters work like magic as mantel decorations. You can string them together to form a garland, bunting or banner.

Large White and Green Felt Christmas Letters

7. Self-Adhesive Felt Letters

The large, adhesive-backed, stick-on letters can be used on items of clothing and décor. Their sticky backs make them unique and take their utility up by a few notches.

Adhesive Felt Letters

8. DIY Quirky Felt Letter

DIY Felt Letter

9. Tutorial for Felt Alphabet Letters

Brighten up any occasion by designing large felt letters that can be made into a garland or a communion banner. The above-linked tutorial has both a sew and a no-sew version.

Felt Alphabet Letters Tutorial

10. Snazzy Felt Letters for Clothing

Felt Letters for Clothing

11. How toMake Your Own Felt Letters

How to Make Felt Letters

12. Sewing a Vivid Felt Letter

Sewing Felt Letter

13. Cut out Felt Letters in Pastel Shades

Cut Out Felt Letters

14. Red Felt Applique Letter

Felt Applique Letter

15. Chic Felt Letter Keychain

A big felt letter infuses an element of personalization to your otherwise drab key chain. Embellish it with beads and sequins according to your taste. You can make an alphabet felt letter ornament on similar lines.

Felt Letter Keychain

16. Big Felt Magnetic Letters

Felt Magnetic Letters

17. Lovely Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters

Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters

18. Beautiful Wool Felt Letters

Wool Felt Letters

You can add a touch personalization to your walls by making the felt letters depict your name. They can also read merry Christmas or happy birthday. With felt letters, the options are galore. They are colorful and chic. The best part? They can be crafted easily.

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