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How to Make Memory Teddy Bears from Clothing: 5+ DIYs

“A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor”- as told by the great poet Alexander Smith, we cherish memories filled with happiness. They are the only way through which we can go back in time and relive those moments again. As the looming concept of time is always on our mind, upcycling our favorite piece of clothes for making bears becomes an artistic way to keep those memories fresh forever.

Teddy Bear Memorial

1. How to Make a Memory Bear from a Kid’s Romper

Transform your child’s bodysuit into a cute bear with lots of stuffing. The stretchable fabric allows you to make it a puffy toy.

Memory Bear

Not only itsy bitsy prints, rather polka dotted night suits also make adorable bears stuffed with memories!

Memory Bear from Clothing

Friendly tortoises in light shades of orange, cyan, yellow also look cute on your teddy.

Handmade Memory Bear

2. Tutorial for Making a Jean Memory Bear

Instead of bidding adieu to your old pair of denim, make a cuddly bear with it. You can add some further adornments like a bow or a tie as per your wish.

Jean Memory Bear

Keepsake Memory Bear

For a standard size, the following pattern will be of much use.

Memory Bear Pattern

3. Memory Teddy Bears with Socks

Even old socks that you feel are fit for reusing can be used for tiny yet fluffy teddy bears. With a soft combination of blue and white, the bear looks adorable.

Memory Teddy Bear

4. Memory Teddy Bear Out of Shirts

Combine a gray shirt with chequered prints and a couple of jiggly eyes according to the tutorial for such an astonished bear. As for stuffing, you could use anything that is soft including old clothes, satin, cotton, wool, and foam.

How to Make a Memory Bear

For embracing the memory of a deceased family member, make a nice memorial bear in the same way. You can still feel the warmth of your loved one by keeping the bear close to you.

Memorial Teddy Bear

Memorial Bear Made from Clothing

Adding eyes and a nose makes the memory bear adorable! Imagine how wonderful it would look when such accessories are teamed up with your favorite one’s shirt.

Memory Bear Made From Loved One’s Clothes

5. Memory Bear for Christmas: Video Tutorial

For a handmade gift for your toddler on Christmas, this teddy would be an ideal option teamed up with candy sleighs.

Christmas Memory Bear

For beginners, the following template would be helpful as they are prone to get confused with the measurement of the bear.

Memory Bear Template

From toddler’s outgrown clothes to deceased individual’s clothes, all are potential materials of memory bears. Also, you can turn your wedding dresses, that you are not going to wear ever again, into such wonderful bears that would remind you of the special day. Try these ideas and don’t forget to share your experience.

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