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21+ DIYs on How to Make Angel Wings

Creating angel wings are definitely one of the tasks that need time and creativity. Whether you are an expert or a novice, angel wings could be made by anyone. Depending on your expertise level, you may choose the ingredients of angel wings accordingly. There are many occasions when we need to have a pair of angel wings, for costume parties, Halloween or Christmas.

DIY Angel Wings Picture

1. Big Angel Wings Tutorial

A wonderful combination of lace and feather makes such beautiful angel wings. The pair of wings is dramatic, and it creates a lot of room for imagination about a story that you can entangle with.

How to Make Angel Wings

2. Feather Angel Wings

For perfectly shaped wings, you can use a template of it so that you get what you want, in terms of the shape and size of the wings.

How to Make Angel Wings with Feathers

3. Make Your Angel Wings without Feathers: Do It Yourself

Coffee filters are useful options you can make angel wings with. They give the look of ruffles that wings need.

Angel Wings with Feathers

4. Chart Paper Feather Wings for Kids

This wing is made of chart paper, and it is light for kids to carry. Be it their school projects or any other need, these wings are ideal for parents to make.

Angel Wings Made of Chart Paper

5. Big Angel Wings

For a realistic look angel wing, go through this tutorial and make the pair. It is indeed a time taking affair, but the result is fascinating.

Giant or Big Angel Wings

6. Lace Angel Wings Instruction

This big wing is made with wire for the shape. Then the wire is wrapped with lace, and hence the wing is so perfect.   

How to Make Angel Wings for Halloween Costume

7. Tissue Paper Angel Wings: Step-by-step Instruction

The big and chunky angel wings are made with tissue papers. They are not heavy, but it is not too light as well.

How to Make Angel Wings Out Of Tissue Paper

8. Easy Homemade Angel Wings

The pair of angel wings made of mesh looks authentic. Try this out with a white outfit and then look like an angel.

Homemade Angel Wings Tutorial

9. Paper Plates Angel Wings

If you want to make it crafty and less heavy, then use paper plates. It takes maximum 2 hours to be made completely. Children can easily use the wings.

Paper Plates Angel Wings Pair

10. Quick Angel Wings with Cardboard

Cardboard is one such item that can make such angel wings without much ado. Paint it the way you want, according to the look.

Cardboard Angel Wings

11. Chunky Angel Wings

This is a floor-kissing angel wings and it might take even a couple of days to make this. However, with an easy tutorial, you can achieve the goal too.

Large Size Cosplay Angel Wings

 12. Colorful Angel Wings with Plates

For your toddlers, the paper plate wings are useful. You can let your kids color the plates so that the creativity becomes a fun task.

Colorful Angel Wings with Plates

13. Black Angel Wings for Disco Lovers

The black wings are fascinating enough to charm anyone. This tutorial is simple so that everyone can understand this easily.

Black Angel Wings

14. Mechanical Angel Wings

This is a technical process that needs some tools you may not have always around. But people, who are passionate about such things, can easily make such wings.

Mechanical Angel Wings

15. Small Angel Wings for Kids

If you follow the instruction carefully, then making of such wings is not that tough. If you have the materials then create a pair.

Realistic Angel Wings

16. Angel Wings Made of Coffee Filter

We all have coffee filters at home and can you imagine using them along with a ribbon could give you such beautiful wings.

Coffee Filter Angel Wings: DIY

17. Paper Mache Angel Wings

Paper mache is a different art form that you may follow for making such big and artistic angel wings.

Angel Wings Made of Paper Mache

18. Ribbon Angel Wings for Little Kids

Use this lightweight angel wings for your in-house angel. The pink shade looks good with white or pink angel shade.

Little Ribbon Angel Wings

19. Intricate Angel Wings for a Party

This lace angel wings have a stunning centre piece. The choice of your lace makes the vibe of the wings as here the wings look vintage.

Angel Wings for Teenager

20. Angel Wings Costume for Tiny Tots

For your toddler angels at home, transform her dress into a beautiful wing costume like this one. You can make a halo to make the outfit complete.

Baby Costume with Tulle and Angel Wings

21. Fallen Angel Wings Costume for Costume Party

These angel wings are literally fallen on the surface, but that is how they are supposed to look.

Fallen Angel Wings DIY

The tutorials here are of different types, and you will have to choose from them according to your choice. The difficulty range of the instructions varies from one to another.

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