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15+ DIYs to Design a Painted Jean (Denim) Jacket

Painting a denim or jean jacket to give it an enticing appearance has become a trend in modern times. Acrylic paint is the best suited for a denim jacket since it allows to build layers as per one’s choice. However, on the flip side, it tends to get dried quickly before the completion of the project. The tutorials below would give you an insight into painting a jean or denim jacket at home.

DIY Painted Jean (Denim) Jacket Pictures

1. DIY Painted Jean Jacket

The fantastic mountains and landscape sitting on the jacket enhance its scenic beauty to the fullest.

Painted Jean Jacket

2. DIY Hand Painted Flag Denim Jacket

This jacket is the perfect attire for the 4th of July.

Hand Painted Denim Jacket

3. How to Paint a Denim Jacket

If you have a bigger jacket, then go for a larger font.

Painted Denim Jacket

4. Pretty Hand Painted Jean Jacket DIY

The beautiful stars in front with the red and white stripes at the end makes the jean jacket a perfect 4th of July outfit.

Hand Painted Jean Jacket

5. Interesting Ideas to Paint the Back of a Jean Jacket

The colorful blotches spreading over the denim abruptly make it appear unique.

Jean Jacket Painting

6. How to Paint a Bohemian-Styled Jeans Jacket

It does not matter if you are not a pro in painting, dabbing messy strokes all through the jacket would give it an abstract look.

How to Paint a Jean Jacket

7. How to Paint a Jean Jacket with Toile Stencil

Following the cue in the above tutorial, you could paint anything under the sun like your kid’s favorite Marvel comic or Disney character or even a sea beach with the waves lashing out.

Painted Jean Jacket Idea

You may even create a colorful snake on the jacket as shown in the image below, by following the instructions of the previous tutorial.

Painted Jean Snake Jacket

8. DIY to Splatter Paint a Jean Jacket

Taking a brush and just sprinkling it on the jacket gives it a splattered effect.

Paint Splatter Denim Jacket

9. Tutorial on How to Paint Your Jeans Jacket

The red flames, green grass, and the spider-web design on the sleeves make the jacket look fascinating.

Painting on a Jean Jacket

10. DIY 90s Inspired Grunge Jeans Jacket

Grunge Painted Jean Jacket

11. Jean Jacket Flower Painting Tutorial

You may choose the flower in accordance with the season or occasion.

Flower Painted Jean Jacket

Following the instructions in the tutorial above, you could design pretty sunflowers on the jacket, for a summer theme.  For the occasion of Valentine’s Day, paint lovely roses on your beau’s jacket.

Sunflower Painted Jean Jacket

12. Interesting Design to Splatter Paint a Denim Jacket

Painted Denim Jacket Design

13. DIY for Making a Stencil Painted Denim Jacket

How to Paint a Denim Jacket

14. Instructions to Custom Paint a Denim Jacket

The wonderful spread of white and red gives the denim a vibrant appeal.

15. DIY Starry Night-Themed Denim Jacket Painting

If you are a Van Gogh fan, then you could replicate his famous Starry Night on your jacket.

Starry Night Denim Jacket Painting

Why just your jacket, you could implement these ideas on your denim pants or shirts also. The theme could range from Disney to nature to anything else of your choice. For a feminine touch, flowers, stars, or mermaid would be perfect, while for a masculine one, go for a graffiti design.

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