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10+ DIYs to Make a Felt Letter Board

A felt letter board is indeed of immense requirement for a lot of things, be it chalking down your to-do lists, making plans for the festive season, or keeping a note of your kiddo’s day-to-day activities. The tutorials that follow give you a glimpse on how to make a felt letter board, big or small, for every purpose or occasion.

DIY Felt Letter Board Pictures

1. How to Make an Oversized Felt Letter Board

A pretty pink or blue oversized felt letter board with a cute message for a to-be mom would serve as a unique baby shower gift.

Felt Letter Board

2. How to DIY a Unicorn Felt Letter Board

The colorful felt sheet adds brightness to the board. Besides unicorn, you could also add names of several creatures or animals that exist no more to teach your children about extinct animals.

DIY Felt Letter Board

3. Tutorial to Make a Vintage Style Black Felt Letter Board for Christmas

A black felt board with white letters adds sophistication and elegance. Based on the occasion, the board may be decorated accordingly.For instance, there would be snowflakes, balls and bells for Christmas, pumpkins for Thanksgiving and so on.

Black Felt Letter Board

Following the same instructions, you could make a large black felt board and adorn alphabets or numbers on it in a big font that would come of aid while teaching your kid.

Large Felt Board Letters and Numbers

4. Pretty Pink Unicorn-Themed Felt Letter Board Instructions

The flowers and horn on top adds a personalized touch to this felt letter board.

Pink Felt Letter Board

5. How to Make a Felt Marquee Letter Board

For further decoration few felt flowers can be fixed on one corner of the board.

How to Make a Felt Letter Board

A grey felt paper enclosed in a wooden frame makes this board exceedingly unique. You place white letters for an elegant appeal.

Grey Felt Letter Board

6. DIY Vintage Felt Letter Board

This theme on the letter board would be perfectly apt for Valentine’s Day.

Vintage Felt Letter Board

7. Funny Felt Letter Board Ideas

Apart from the one shown in the image, this tutorial would provide you with a host of funny ideas that you could adorn your wall with.

Felt Letter Board Funny

8. DIY Giant Letter Board for Halloween

This Trick or Treat board would be a fabulous idea for Halloween. To get the eerie feel, a black felt with white letters and a skeleton’s face would be perfect. If your hubby is a late riser, you could even write a coffee message like “Wake up and smell the coffee” and place it in front of his bed to remind him of his daily chores.

Giant Felt Letter Board

9. Simple and Classic Gray Felt Letter Board DIY

Classic Felt Letter Board

You could write a simple “Happy Birthday” message and decorate it with colorful papers for an enticing appeal while celebrating the special day of your kith and kin. For a wedding theme, write an innovative message and place it at the entrance gate of your venue.

Felt Letter Board Happy Birthday

10. Felt Letter Board Ideas for Babies and Children

This would be a brilliant idea to make your kid’s first day in school a memorable one. To celebrate the arrival of your newborn, write your kiddo’s name, date of birth and weight or even something cute like “You are precious to me” or “You are my world”.

Baby Felt Letter Board

A felt letter board when gracing your wall for any reason would definitely add uniqueness to your room. Choose the color in accordance to the shades of your wall and the font could either be small (if you are fitting in a lot of things on a large board) or large (if you have a small board and do not want to write too much).

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