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9 DIYs to Make a Gorgeous Mermaid Seashell Crown

Colorful seashells handpicked by you on your last beach vacation would be of immense use to design a host of handmade stuff. A beach themed party would certainly remain incomplete without a crown which would definitely give you a princess-like appearance. Check out the following tutorials to know how to make a seashell crown.

Mermaid Seashell Crown DIY Pictures

1. How to make a Mermaid Shell Crown

A gold or silver crown base adorned with rich jewels would certainly enhance the beauty of the crown.

Seashell Crown

2. Pretty Handmade Mermaid Crown to Wear

An upcycled Christmas garland forms the crown’s base. You could add faux poinsettias to get the festive feel.

Handmade Seashell Crown

3. DIY Mermaid Shell Crown

A red or blue gem sitting at the center would certainly give the crown a royal look.

DIY Seashell Crown

4. Homemade DIY Mermaid Crown with Seashells

This wonderful headpiece studded with seashells, and starfish, along with glitter decorations would be a perfect gift you could give your little girl for any occasion.

Mermaid Seashell Crown

5. Decorative Mermaid Tiara Crown DIY

The beads along with the seashells make this tiara enticing.

Seashell Tiara Crown

6. Easy Way to Make a Seashell Crown for Beginners

You could arrange the shells in a symmetrical or random pattern.

How to Make a Seashell Crown

7. DIY Simple Mermaid Seashell Crown for Beach Wedding

For a beach-themed wedding, a seashell gown teamed with jewelries and a fantastic crown would be just perfect. The glitter seaweeds in between adds to its rustic look.

Seashell Crown Wedding

8. Tutorial to Make a Mermaid Crown with Crystals Seashells and Beads

Crystal Seashell Crown

9. DIY Magical Mermaid Seashell Crown

Sleek and elegant without much decoration, this crown is unique in its appearance.

DIY Mermaid Shell Crown

These magnificent seashell crown designs would definitely be a perfect pick when you are planning for a beach wedding or any special occasion. Besides a seashell crown, you may even go for an array of seashell crafts like necklace, bracelets, mirror and candles.

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