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27+DIYs to Make Cute Piggy Banks for Kids and Adults

Piggy banks are among the choicest possessions of kids, and even adults who would strive hard to save their extra penny to meet any of their luxuries. Instead of spending a fortune over it by going for ready ones, choose to make them at home. You may use a lot of recycled things like coke cans, old plastic bottles, or even plastic cups. They can also be designed using cardboard, ceramic, clay, or wood. Check out the tutorials to follow on how to make homemade piggy banks.

Piggy Banks DIY Images

1. Easy DIY to Make an Adorable Piggy Bank

Decorate the bottle cap or paint it if you wish to give the piggy bank a more colorful look.

DIY Piggy Bank

2. How to Make a Piggy Bank Out of a Mason Jar

It would not look like a piggy bank but would serve the same purpose when giving your mason jar a stylish makeover and converting it into a money bank.

DIY Piggy Bank Mason Jar

3. Interesting Piggy Bank DIY Idea for Kids

The pig’s nose made using a large bottle cap, looks the cutes, makes it even more appealing by fixing a pom pom to it. The above link gives you many other innovative ideas to make a piggy bank for your kid.

DIY Piggy Bank Idea

4. Unique Way to Make a Piggy Bank from a Shadow Box Frame

The letter stickers on top add an extra charm to the money bank. If teaching your kids to save, then you may write something thoughtful like “Save the extra penny” and so on.

Shadow Box Piggy Bank DIY

If you already have a jar with a sturdy lid, make three cuts to give it the impression of separate compartments. Each section may stand for a particular purpose, as shown here “Spend”, “Save”, and “Share”.

DIY 3 Compartment Piggy Bank

5. DIY Airplane Piggy Bank

A plastic bottle wrapped in white, with blue wings, help replicate an airplane. Slit a ho9le in the middle as an outlet to keep the coins.

DIY Airplane Piggy Bank

6. DIY Unicorn Piggy Bank

The pink glittery colored cardboard, googly eyes, and the bottle caps make it look immensely authentic.

Unicorn Piggy Bank DIY

7. DIY Cardboard Coin Piggy Bank for Kids

If making it for a kid, add smileys and beads to the sides to make it look attractive.

DIY Kids Piggy Bank

8. DIY Water Bottle Piggy Banks

The pink pipe cleaners at the end make the bottle look all the more adorable.

DIY Piggy Bank Using Plastic Bottle

9. Pretty Sequin Piggy Bank Designs

The addition of beads and other embellishments intensifies its beauty to the fullest.

Piggy Bank DIY Design

10. DIY Spend Save and Share Piggy Bank for Adults

DIY Piggy Bank for Adults

11. How to Make a Travel Piggy Bank Using a Mason Jar

Besides a map, you could even paste pictures of places on your bucket list to give kids the drive to save.

Travel Piggy Bank DIY

12. DIY to Make a Piggy Bank from a Book

You could get a book box from the store and make a slot of top to store your money. Likewise, an actual hardcover book could also go into the making of a piggy bank. The tutorial in the above link shows directions for both.

DIY Book Piggy Bank

13. Easy and Simple Piggy Bank Using Mason Jar

Paint the jar and make a slid in the lid, Holla! You have a lovely mason jar piggy bank at your disposal. Tie a red ribbon around if you intend to give it as a gift.

DIY Piggy Bank Jar

14. Hidden Piggy Bank DIY

At the onset, what appears as a cardboard box has a piggy bank concealed within, like this one.

Hidden Piggy Bank

If you want something cool, then take your old Pringles container, make a hole on the box, and you have a lovely piggy bank at all. Leave it as it is or decorate it as per your liberty with marvel paper, and beads.

Cool Piggy Bank DIY

15. DIY Starbucks Piggy Bank

The brown and white drizzle of paint on top makes it look chocolaty.

DIY Creative Piggy Bank

16. How to Make Piggy Bank Out of Paper Mache

DIY Paper Mache Piggy Bank

17. How to DIY a Minion Piggy Bank

If your kiddo is a Minion fan, then this piggy bank, based on his favorite animated character, would delight him to the fullest.

Minion Piggy Bank DIY

18. DIY Piggy Bank Globe

Transform your globe into a piggy bank by making a long hole at the center. Wrap it nicely in craft paper and decorate it further to give it a new appearance altogether.

Piggy Bank Globe DIY

19. How to Personalize a Ceramic Piggy Bank

If you already have a ceramic piggy bank, personalize it by decorating it beautifully, as shown in this picture. The red and orange polka dots against the yellow background look increasingly fantastic.

How to Make a Piggy Bank

20. Easy Way to Make a Simple Painted Polka Dot Piggy Bank

How to Make an Easy Piggy Bank

21. Instructions to Make a Cute Piggy Bank Out of Plastic Bottle

The pink pom poms on the sides give it a cute appearance.

How to Make a Piggy Bank Out of a Bottle

22. Directions To Make a Piggy Bank Out of Recycled Materials

Instead of discarding the waste bottles, you may design them into useful stuff, with a piggy bank being one of them. The ears made using paper as well as the big, googly eyes make it appear closely similar to a real pig.

How to Make Piggy Bank with Waste Material

23. How to Make an Origami Piggy Bank

This would be a wonderful craft idea for preschoolers who will simultaneously learn the skill of folding alongside saving.

How to Make an Origami Piggy Bank

24. Air Dry Clay Piggy Bank DIY

To give it an authentic appearance, make its nose, eyes, and ears, as shown in the above image.

How to Make a Clay Piggy Bank

25. Vinyl Glass Block Piggy Bank Tutorial

This lovely glass block piggy bank would be a fabulous gift to give a new mom. The blue writings will change to pink if it is a baby girl.

How to Make a Glass Block Piggy Bank

26. ATM Piggy Bank DIY

How to Make a Piggy Bank ATM Machine

27. Disney-Themed Piggy Bank DIY

Make the opening big enough to accommodate your dollars as well.

DIY Disney Piggy Bank

The array of tutorials would undoubtedly help make cute piggy banks for your little ones or even yourself. They could either replicate a pig or also be designed as money boxes to store your cash. If you want to put in dollars too apart from just the coins, go for a bigger opening.

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