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16 + DIYs to Make Pine Cone Flowers

Pine cones play a significant role especially during Christmas used as a garland or even a tree topper. Making beautiful flowers with pine cones and arranging them as a bouquet or even a centerpiece would be a great idea. You could paint them in colors of your choice, sprinkle glitters or keep them as they are for a rustic appeal. The tutorials to follow would help you in making pine cone flowers.

Pictures of DIY Pine Cone Flowers

1. DIY Pine Cone Zinnia Flowers

The combination of pink and blue makes the pine cone look immensely amazing.

Pine Cone Flowers

2. Pine Cone Flower Wreath Instructions

For a rustic appeal, you may even choose not to color the pinecones, whereas for a Christmas wreath, paint the pine cones in green and red and arrange them alternately.

Pine Cone Wreath

3. Directions to Make Pine Cone Flowers with Stems

You could make faux stems out of card stocks or cardboard, in case you find it challenging to find real ones.

How to Make Pine Cone Flowers with Stems

4. Colorful Pine Cone Flower Crafts DIY

You could paint the flowers in a single color or use two to three colors for the same. Arrange them in a glass bowl for an elegant appeal. You could even spray glitters on the pine cones after spreading gum on it for a unique look.

Pine Cone Flowers Craft

5. DIY Sunflower Pine Cone Wreath

Alternately placing sunflowers and pine cones and arranging them into a wreath would be a perfect way of decorating your home in summers. A faux butterfly or bird sitting in the center would enhance its beauty.

Flowers Made From Pine Cones

6. Instructions for Making Flowers Out of Pine Cones for Refrigerator Magnets

Daisy, lilies, sunflowers, roses and a whole lot of flowers would be amazingly gracing your refrigerator door when attached to magnets.

Making Flowers Out of Pine Cones

7. Pine Cone Flower Bouquet DIY

You could even make a bouquet using a single color, like red to replicate a rose or yellow for a sunflower.

Pine Cone Flower Bouquet

Arranging the pine cone flowers along with faux leaves at random would make for a great centerpiece.

Pine Cone Flowers Centerpiece

8. How Do You Make Pine Cone Zinnias

Zinnia Flowers from Pine Cones

For summer decoration you could make white daisies with pinecones as the ones shown here.

White Pine Cone Flowers

9. DIY Scented Pine Cone Cedar Roses

The scented pine cones may be designed into beautiful roses as shown here.

Cedar Pine Cone Flowers

The step by step instruction in the picture would give you a clear insight into how to make a pine cone bouquet for a wedding. You could attach red satin ribbons to it for a grand look.

Pine Cone Flowers for Wedding

10. How to Make Fresh Flowers Out of Pine Cones for Fall

The vibrant colors used here absolutely set in the mood for fall.

Pine Cone Flowers for Fall

11. Shimmery Glittery Elegant Silver Pine Cone DIY

Silver Pine Cone Flowers

12. DIY TO Make Snowy Pine Cone Flowers for Winter

The Epsom salt on the pine cone flowers gives it a snowy effect, while the lace adds to its grandeur.

Pine Cone Flowers for Winters

Making a centerpiece by arranging of blue, white and red flowers as shown in this picture would be a perfect house decoration idea for 4th of July.

Blue Pine Cone Flowers

13. Frame Décor Made With Pine Cone Flowers

Gluing the pine cone flowers on a frame is all that you need to make this centerpiece.

Pine Cone Flowers Frame

14. DIY Red Painted Pine Cones for Christmas

You may arrange red, white, and green pine cone flowers on a glass bowl as a centerpiece for Christmas décor.

Red Painted Pine Cone Flowers

15. Handmade Mini Pine Cone Flowers DIY

Mini Pine Cone Flowers DIY

16. How to Make Simple Pine Cone Orange Flowers

The beads at the center give it an authentic look.

Orange Pine Cone Flowers

These tutorial ideas would definitely help you in making pine cone flowers and arrange it as a centerpiece or a bouquet or even place them into a frame. Keep your fascination for pine cones alive by making other things too with them such as a garland, Christmas tree, or wreath.

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