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26 Felt Christmas Ornaments For You to Make

Make this Christmas a memorable affair by designing a variety of ornaments to adorn your halls, wall and tree. It would be a good idea to make twelve different ornaments for the 12 days of Christmas. What say? Choose bright felt to keep all eyes focused on the beauties as you host your festive feast. There are many DIYs that provide free and printable templates for you to trace on felt fabric and cut it out.

Free Printable Felt Christmas Ornament Patterns

1. DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments’ Tutorial

Small ice skates made of red felt would look lovely as Christmas ornaments. Here, two layers of felt are joined with fusible web and stitched decoratively at the edges.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

2. Free Felt Christmas Ornament Pattern

Gingerbread houses are an indispensable part of x-mas. You need to cut the felt according to the printable pattern provided in the above-linked tutorial.

Felt Christmas Ornament Pattern

3. Handmade Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

This nifty Christmas tree ornament requires easy threading through embroidery floss. The felt fabric adds pizzazz to the craft. Isn’t the star bead at the top attractive?

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

4. DIY Round Embroidered Felt Christmas Ornament

This pretty homemade circle ornament is made with felt, buttons and doilies. It features a few embroidery details. It is a great sewing project for beginners. If you want you can also do machine embroidery for them to sport a Scandinavian look.

DIY Felt Christmas Ornament

5. Hungarian Felt Christmas Star Ornament Idea

A traditional star made in Hungarian style looks unique and charming. It has a vintage feel about it. Make your Christmas decorations world-class with this star.

Hungarian Felt Christmas Star Ornament

6. Pattern for Christmas Felt and Sequin Pickle Ornament

Pickle ornaments are unique as they can showcase a variety of emotions. They are embellished with sequin and beads. You would love the looks of the jeweled pickle once you are done with stuffing.

Christmas Felt and Sequin Pickle Ornament

7. Hand Sewn Felt Dachshund Christmas Ornament

A Dachshund ornament would be a hit with dog lovers. You can decorate it by sewing along the borders using the blanket stitch. A dog pattern can be a great aid in your craft.

Felt Dachshund Christmas Ornament

Besides the dog, try your hand at making a host of DIY felt animals like mouse, cat, owl, fox, rabbit and dove to deck up your den as ornaments. They endow you with the ability to make other animals and birds like llama, sloth, penguin, swan, sheep along the same lines. Wouldn’t a red felt bird ornament (think cardinals) and cute felt mice look awesome? You can go ahead and design a woodland on your dining table with the DIYs up your sleeve.

8. Heart Christmas Ornaments Made From Felt

Apart from Christmas ornaments, these hearts can serve the purpose of gift wrap accents and tiny gifts. You can use star and swirl patterns of embroidery to decorate the hearts.

Felt Heart Christmas Ornaments

9. Unique Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament Pattern

The mini stocking with a Rudolph the reindeer applique sewn onto it makes it a wonderful item for your Christmas décor. You can use the applique on your tree skirt and dresses to add a vintage charm. Decorate it with a plaid ribbon for giving it a primitive look.

Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament Pattern

10. Gleaming Blue Felt Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

These layered pinecone ornaments look beautiful on a Christmas tree. You can glue on some blue glitter to give the effect of snow.

Felt Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

11. Enchanting Felt Bacon Christmas Ornament

Foodies are going to swear by this bacon ornament. The white and brown makes for a cheerful color combination.

Felt Bacon Christmas Ornament

12. Vivid Felt Christmas Light Ornaments

Make your x-mas tree bright by adding this bunch of light ornaments that lend a pop of color. They are lightly stuffed for the right dose of charm.

Felt Christmas Light Ornaments

13. Pretty Felt Flower Christmas Ornaments

Felt Flower Christmas Ornaments

14. Mini Folk Art Felt Christmas Ornament

Folk Art Felt Christmas Ornaments

15. Mickey and Minnie Felt Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Mickey and Minnie Felt Christmas Ornaments

16. Easy Felt Ornaments to Make For Christmas

Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments to Make

17. Sewing Felt Cactus Christmas Ornament

Felt Cactus Christmas Ornament

18. Winsome Felt Christmas Ball Ornaments

Felt Christmas Ball Ornaments

19. Lush Felt Christmas Wreath Ornament

Felt Christmas Wreath Ornament

20. Fun Felt Elf Christmas Ornament

Felt Elf Christmas Ornament

21. Bright Felt Mitten Christmas Ornament

Felt Mitten Christmas Ornament

22. Enamoring Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

23. Smiling Felt Snowman Christmas Ornament

Felt Snowman Christmas Ornament

24. Attractive No-sew Felt Christmas Ornaments

No-sew Felt Christmas Ornaments

25. Felt Christmas Ornaments With Retro Vibes

These old fashioned holiday ornaments can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or any corner of your home. You can make a holiday garland by attaching them to a strip of fabric or string.

Retro Felt Christmas Ornaments

26. Star Wars Christmas Felt Ornaments DIY

Star Wars Felt Christmas Ornaments

A cute felt angel ornament would be something to watch out for during the merry celebrations. Know more about it here.

You really don’t need a lot of skills to craft the snazzy ornaments. Not all tutorials require you to sew, too. You can make them flat or stuffed as per your choice. The ornaments look classy and bring out the festive spirit with elan. You only need to follow the simple instructions and you would be glad how they turn out.

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