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30 Free Crochet Doll Patterns

You would love to see the eyes of your kid light up when you gift her a crochet doll. Our free crochet doll patterns in English not only help you in making the amigurumi doll’s body but also the dress and accessories. You would enjoy every bit of the making process with these comprehensive pattern instructions.

Crochet Doll Patterns

1. DIY Crochet Doll

This preemie crochet doll can be given away as gifts to little ones. Follow the crochet instructions carefully to get the correct pattern.

Crochet Doll

2. Pretty Crochet Doll Pattern

This pattern requires intermediate crochet skills. It allows you to crochet a cute princess doll and an assortment of dresses for her.

Crochet Doll Pattern

3. Crochet Dolls’ Patterns for You

These amigurumi dolls are so sweet and adorable. The credit goes to their plump head shapes and lovely hairstyles.

Crochet Dolls’ Patterns

4. Free Doll Pattern for You to Crochet

Free Crochet Doll Pattern

5. Crochet Baby Yoda Doll Pattern

Star war fans rejoice! Here is a baby Yoda pattern for you. You are free to change his posture and change his accessories.

Baby Yoda Crochet Doll

6. Free Crochet Baby Doll Pattern

This Buttercup big-head baby doll is crocheted as a single piece. The pattern starts with the feet, with the arms and body added as you go. It employs magic circle crochet.

Crochet Baby Doll

7. Instructions for How to Crochet a Doll

The different parts of this princess Sophie doll are removable. The variations of the basic pattern are given at the end of the tutorial.

How to Crochet a Doll

8. Free Crochet Pattern for Mermaid Doll

A little mermaid crochet doll in a blue dress would have the little ones delighted. You can play around with the yarn color of the hair.

Crochet Mermaid Doll

9. Free Crochet Bed Doll Pattern

Your munchkin would love this crochet bed doll pattern. A cuddly pillow doll would be a great sleeping companion.

Crochet Bed Doll

10. Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern

You can make a DIY black crochet doll out of this pattern by using dark colors of yarn. You can alter the colors of the dress too.

Crochet Amigurumi Doll

11. Free Printable Crochet Doll Patterns

You would love the variations of these crochet doll patterns. They would be great sleeping buddies for your little one!

Free Crochet Doll Patterns to Print

12. Lovable Crochet Rag Doll Free Pattern

Crochet Rag Doll Free Pattern

13. Crochet Doll Toilet Paper Cover

This crochet doll toilet roll holder would bowl you over with its beauty. Little ones are going to love this mini crochet doll. You can use it for charity work.

Crochet Toilet Paper Doll

14. Attractive Large Crochet Doll Pattern

This is a quick and easy amigurumi pattern for a large doll. It utilizes single crochet and color changes. You can make a black doll by altering the skin and hair color.

Large Crochet Doll Pattern

15. DIY Crochet Geisha Doll Pattern

Crochet Geisha Doll Pattern

16. Adorable Crochet Wonder Woman Doll

Crochet Wonder Woman Doll

17. Free Crochet Bunny Doll Pattern for Kids

Free Crochet Bunny Doll Pattern

18. Free Minnie Mouse Crochet Doll Pattern

Minnie Mouse Doll Crochet Pattern for Free

19. Awesome Crochet Dammit Doll

Crochet Dammit Doll

20. Free Crochet Kokeshi Doll Pattern

Crochet Kokeshi Doll Pattern for Free

21. Funny Crochet Scarecrow Doll

Crochet Scarecrow Doll

22. Brilliant Freddie Mercury Crochet Doll Pattern

Freddie Mercury Crochet Doll Pattern

23. Ballerina Crochet Doll Pattern for Free

Your little girl would love this ballerina doll. So you can crochet this beautiful pink ballerina for a gift to your little princess.

Free Crochet Ballerina Doll Pattern

24. Cute Hobbes Crochet Doll

Hobbes Crochet Doll

25. Free Crochet Pattern for Molly Amigurumi Doll

Molly Doll Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

26. Pretty Princess Leia Crochet Doll

Princess Leia Crochet Doll

27. Free Captain America Crochet Doll Pattern

An Avengers crochet doll would have little ones hooked. And if it’s Captain America, they can’t have enough of the doll.

Captain America Crochet Doll Pattern

28. Charming Crochet Lalaloopsy Doll Pattern

Crochet Lalaloopsy Doll Pattern

29. Small Crochet Link Doll

Crochet Link Doll

30. Beautiful Crochet Rapunzel Doll Pattern

Crochet Rapunzel Doll Pattern

With these free patterns in your kitty, you are all set to make a splash with your crochet hook. Our collection features different types of crochet dolls, including superheroes and fictional characters. Both boys and girls would adore the animal crochet dolls.

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