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16+ Free Ideas to Make a Chapstick Holder

The prospect of making a chapstick holder gives individuals a thousand ways to deal with creativity, utilizing the everyday thing that we have left at our home. From ribbons to duct tapes, fabric pieces to wool, you can use such things for making such a cute pouch for your chapstick.

Pictures of Chapstick Holder Ideas

1. Chapstick Holder: Guideline for Making One

With a wrist strap attached to the holder, you can hang it from your purse or wallet. You can opt for color coordination for the wrist strap and the chapstick holder.

Chapstick Holder

2. Chapstick Holder Keyring

Having a keyring with your chapstick holder makes it as useful as it can be. You don’t have to place your single key in pockets and later struggle to find it. So, better to put it in a ring that can hold the chapstick holder and the key at the same time.

Chapstick Holder Keyring
Chapstick Holder Keychain Template

3. DIY Chpastick Holder

To make your chapstick holder light and colorful, you may choose felt sheets as the base material. To make it ornate, add some floral stickers on top of it.

DIY Chapstick Holder

Create your own combination like gray and pink or red and black to make your chapstick holder stand out from others’.

How to Sew a Chapstick Holder

4. How to Make a Chapstick Holder

These chapstick holders show how beautiful and various they can be. Let your imagination take the upper hand and create something praiseworthy.

How to Make a Chapstick Holder

It can be monogrammed or personalized with the letter of your name or the person you are giving it to.

Monogrammed Chapstick Holder DIY

The template will help you understand the plan in a more lucid way.

Chapstick Holder Template and Pattern

5. Chapstick Holder Necklace

For a boho touch, make the holder as a pendant to your crocheted necklace. Tie up a ribbon around the top of the holder.

Chapstick Holder Necklace

6. Tactical Chapstick Holder

You may create some tricky knots to make the nylon hold your chapstick better and firmer.

Tactical Chapstick Holder

7. Crochet Chapstick Holder

Crocheting is an art that not everyone is capable of performing, but if you have easy-to-understand tutorials like this one, making one chapstick holder is no less than a cakewalk.

Crochet Chapstick Holder

8. How to Make a Chapstick Holder Keychain

Keychain is essential in our daily life, especially if you live alone, so attach one to your chapstick holder  to utilize the thing in more than one way.

How to Make a Chapstick Holder Keychain
Car Chapstick Holder

A long ribbon or leash will help you keep the holder more in control of you.

Leashables Chapstick Holder

9. Chaptsick Case Holder with Duct Tape

Even the duct tape can be super useful in this way. Choose your desired shade and print and involve your kids to make some creative holder.

Chapstick Case Holder
No Sew Chapstick Holder

10. DIY Chapstick Holder with Fabric

The lemon yellow and blue chapstick holder is soft due to its fabric. You may wash it whenever you think it is needed.

DIY Chapstick Holder with Fabric
Chapstick Holder for Keys

A variety of prints can give various impressions, keeping the utility high on point.

Cute Chapstick Holder

11. How to Sew for Chapstick Holder and Key Ring

You can hang them or attach them to any fridge magnet if the key ring is made of metal.

Sew Chapstick Holder

12. Chapstick Holder: Sewing Pattern and Instruction

Sewing is involved in the process of making a chapstick holder. To know how to do it just go through the instruction well.

Sewing Pattern for Keychain Chapstick Holder

13. Chevron Chapstick Holder

The chevron print creates a lengthy impression as the holder looks longer that it really is.

Chevron Chapstick Holder
Chapstick Keychain Holder Pattern

14. Keychain Chapstick Holder Travel Accessories

For traveling, you need such useful things so while making, opt for a set so that you can give it to your travel buddies or gal pals.

Keychain Chapstick Holder as Travel Accessories
Black Chapstick Holder

15. Mermaid Tail Chapstick Holder

The cute mermaid tail pattern is nicely achieved by crocheting colorful yarns. The size of the holders can be of your choice.

Mermaid Tail Chapstick Holder with Clip

16. Tutorial for Making a Chapstick Holder

The floral chapstick holder could be your return gift on your birthday or even a festive thing. This will ensure that your loved ones receive something exclusively made by you.

Tutorial for Homemade Custom Chapstick Holder

The art is not difficult is the imagination is not limited, since these are all a part of the big umbrella of art, you are free to do things in your way. Be it for college goers or even working women, these holders will definitely be at your toiletry kits.

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