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30+ Free Patterns for Quilted Placemats

Quilted placemats add an element of charm to the kitchen and dining room. The colors of the fabric can be played up to match the interiors of the room. You can match it with the table décor as well. It helps if you are experienced in quilting. However, we have something for the beginners as well.

Quilted Placemat Patterns Pictures

1. C&F Home Holly Cream Holiday Christmas

Brighten your home for the season of joy with the C&F table linen collection. Our vibrant designs bring your home a timeless holiday look, while creating a warm atmosphere for your Holiday home decor.

Ad – check price on amazon.

C&F Home Holly Cream Holiday Christmas Quilted Placemats

C&F Home Holly Cream Holiday Christmas Quilted Placemats

2. Modern Quilted Placemats

Set of 4 Modern design placemats. Quilted with 100% cotton and poly batting. Size is 17″ x 12″.
Ad – check price on Etsy.

Modern Quilted Placemats

Modern Quilted Placemats

3. Quilted Placemat Pattern

This rustic pattern displays a string of diamond-like shapes along one side. The fall leaf designs all over the body make it suitable for autumn.

Quilted Placemat

4. Red Quilted Placemat Pattern to Make

Your Valentine is going to love this red, pink and white placemat. It can be modified to suit any season. A video tutorial is given in 2 parts with a 4th of July fabric.

Valentine’s Day Quilted Placemat Pattern

5. Round Quilted Cotton Placemats

These merry-go-round placemats can jazz up the dining table and leave you craving for a warm weather dining experience. They can accentuate a basic table without being over the top.

Round Quilted Placemats

6. Free Placemat Quilt Pattern

This pattern is quick and simple to whip up. They have aqua, navy and green circles all over their body and suit a boy. You can also have a nautical theme of cloth for them.

Free Pattern for Quilted Placemats

7. Quilted Christmas Placemat Pattern

Pinwheel star blocks make up this quilted placemat. Apart from the said blocks, you would need coordinating fabrics for the side panels, backing and binding.

Quilted Christmas Placemat

8. Quilted Oval Placemat

These patchwork placemats help you lay the table for spring. Use of Bosal fusible placemats makes it simpler and faster. Your favorite fat quarters can be utilized to their fullest.

Oval Quilted Placemat

9. DIY Quilted Placemat

How to Make Quilted Placemats

10. Quilted Placemats in Solid Colors

Solid Color Quilted Placemats

11. Easy Quilted Placemat Pattern for Free

Though this is a table runner pattern, you can easily customize it to the size of a placemat. It suits beginners and boasts of an adorable herringbone pattern.

Free Easy Quilted Placemat Pattern

12. Quilted Woven Wedge Shaped Placemat Pattern for Round Tables

Wedge Shaped Quilted Woven Placemats for Round Tables

13. Free Placemat Pattern for Quilting

Quilting Placemats

14. Rectangle Quilted Placemat Pattern to Sew

Quilted Rectangular Placemat

15. Modern Pattern for Quilted Placemat

Modern Quilted Placemat Pattern

16. Yellow Reversible Quilted Placemat

First, make the quilt sandwich by layering a piece of batting between 2 pieces of fabric. Spray baste or pin the layers in place. Then quilt, trim to size, attach the binding, create mitered corners, sew around and finish off the binding.

Yellow Quilted Reversible Placemat

17. Sewing Floral Spring Quilted Placemat

Sewing Spring Quilted Placemat

18. Cute Quilt As You Go Placemats

Quilt As You Go Placemats

19. Country Quilted Placemat Tutorial

Country Quilted Placemat

20. Pattern for Handmade Quilted Placemats

Handmade Quilted Placemats

21. White Quilted Butterfly Placemat

Rummage your fabric stash for bright colors such as yellow, blue, pink, purple and green to make a placemat depicting an outdoor scene complete with butterflies, grass, sky, sun and flowers.

Quilted Butterfly Placemat

22. Free Pattern for Quilted Placemats without Binding

You need to scroll down the above-linked article to reach the post dated June 22, 2012 that guides you through the steps of making placemats in a pixelated spectrum design. It allows you to exercise the option of not using any binding.

Quilted Placemats without Binding

23. Quilted Heart Placemat for Valentine’s Day

Quilted Valentine’s Day Heart Placemat

24. Fun Quilted Placemat from Fat Quarters

Quilted Placemat from Fat Quarters

25. Unique Quilted Hexagon Placemats

Bright and cheery placemats with hexagon designs give the impression of a beehive on your placemat. You can also go with an octagonal pattern.

Quilted Hexagon Placemats

26. Quilted Halloween Placemats’ Patterns

Quilted Halloween Placemats

27. Instructions for Machine Quilted Placemat on a Longarm

This beautiful quilt pattern can be made by a longarm involving the quilt along technique. Once you are familiar with the technique, you can modify the pattern to suit the size of a placemat.

Machine Quilted Placemat on a Longarm

The swirly feather and flower pattern of the above quilt block may be altered a little to a curvier Hawaiian pattern. The yellow color makes it bright for the table. Though cotton would be your go-to fabric, you can design it in toile, linen or velvet.

Quilted Hawaiian Placemat

28. Large Quilted Rooster Placemats

The printed rooster pattern on these placemats could make them a hit with chicken lovers. The chicken wire print near the border adds to the fun.

Quilted Rooster Placemats

29. Cheery Quilted Easter Placemat Pattern

The egg appliqué at the center renders this placemat suitable for laying on the Easter table. The materials include white cotton, color accent, neutral backing and appliqué fabric, small fabric squares for the design and the yo-yo embellishments, buttons, flat batting and co-coordinating seam binding.

Quilted Easter Placemat Pattern

A Santa appliqué would light up a Christmas table. Red, green and white should be your colors of choice for this one.

Quilted Santa Placemat

30. Elegant Quilted Turkey Thanksgiving Placemats

The selection of the cloth color depends on you. You can go with lighter or deep colors like red, black and brown. They are washable and quick to make. If you are designing it for the table, in general, apart from Thanksgiving, you can try out owl and pineapple patterns.

Quilted Turkey Thanksgiving Placemats

Ring in the holiday season with this holly placemat. You can have a floral block at the center with the holly leaves at one corner of the margin. Try out different shades of green like sage green and deep green.

Quilted Holly Leaf Placemat Pattern

31. Vintage Quilted Placemat Pattern

These are quick and easy to make, thanks to the mitered tool. Being fat quarter-friendly, this project gives you ample opportunity to empty your stash.

Vintage Quilted Placemats

32. Useful Quilted Placemat with Pocket

Quilted Placemat with Pocket

You might like to use a variety of colors such as gold, gray, ivory and cream on the placemats. You can gift them to little ones on their birthdays if you wish. The directions and images that come with the sewing patterns will allow you to turn Xmas, Halloween and any festive occasion into pure DIY fun.

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