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10+ Halloween Painted Rocks

Halloween invokes the craft addict in us, doesn’t it? Channel your creativity by painting rocks in the holiday theme. You could paint ghosts, witches, cats, jack-o-lanterns, spiders and any other object that you associate with the festive occasion. Kids would love to be a part of these projects. The below images with tutorials would inspire you to take up your paintbrush.

Halloween Painted Rocks Images

1. Simple Halloween Painted Rocks

The charming messages on the easy to paint rocks say, Trick or treat, sweet and boo-tiful. The candy corn painted rock is embellished with glitter.

Halloween Painted Rocks

2. Halloween Paintings on Rocks

These Halloween sunset silhouette rocks have spooky written all over them. They come complete with creepy buildings, jack-o-lanterns, flying witch and spider webs.

Halloween Rock Paintings

3. Unique Ideas for Halloween Painted Rocks

Prep these rocks by washing and allowing them to dry in the sun. This step makes it easier to paint the rocks. The designs were made with fine tipped Posca pens.

Halloween Painted Rocks Ideas

4. Halloween Pumpkin Painted Rocks

Get the details of how to paint Halloween rocks by clicking on the above link. Tiny green pom poms glued to the tops of the pumpkin painted rocks look adorable.

Painted Rocks for Halloween

5. Ideas for Painting Halloween Rocks

You can draw the sketches of a bat, pumpkin and spider using pencil and then fill them up with acrylic paint. The outlines can be defined with Posca paint pens. The Halloween pumpkin painted on a rock has a picture of a black cat painted over it, increasing its spook quotient.

Rock Painting Ideas for Halloween

6. Guide to Halloween Rock Painting Designs

The Halloween rock paintings of ghosts look spine shilling, don’t they? Add to that, creepy pumpkin faces and you are ready for scaring people.

Halloween Rock Painting Designs

7. Cute Halloween Themed Painted Pumpkin Rocks

Cute Halloween Themed Painted Rocks

8. Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Halloween

Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

9. Halloween Cat Painted Rock Tutorial

The trademark yellows, oranges and blacks render a sharp finish to this Halloween painted rock. However, at certain places, the colors have been blended to create a realistic effect.

Halloween Cat Painted Rock

Following the same guidelines as above, you can create a Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween painted rock for channeling the movie buff in you.

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Painted Rock

10. Colorful Happy Halloween Painted Rocks

Happy Halloween Painted Rocks

We bet that you would love every bit of the painting activity during the holidays. You can decorate your house or the steps leading to your home with these rocks. They are bright, cute and bring out the artist in you. They also offer you a vent for your creativity. It’s time to wish happy Halloween in style!

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