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4+ Ways on How to Make a Glitter Bomb

Making a glitter bomb is fun, especially when you know it is sure to bring a smile on the receiver’s face. The surprise element and the anticipation factor work out really well and all your hard work pays off. From lighting up a birthday party to creating a prank on your corporate colleagues, these glitter bombs are the best options to go for.

Glitter Bomb Images

1. Peanut Glitter Bomb

The peanut glitter bomb is as much fun as it is with any other surprise pranks. Keep some in your friends’ pockets and let them feel the rest.

How to Make a Peanut Glitter Bomb

2. Spring Glitter Bomb Card

Wishing someone through greeting cards is traditional and handmade ones are more special. Apart from drawing and coloring on the card, you can also add some fun like glitters. Once the card is open, you can very well imagine the reaction of the one opening it.

Spring Loaded Glitter Bob Card

3. Funny Glitter Card for Friends: DIY

Even your kids can participate in making such cards for their friends. It might need around 30 minutes to make the card. However, using the same method, you may make glitter envelope as well.

Glitter Bomb Card for Fun

This April Fool card seems apt for the event. Make the card promising on the outside, so that the one getting is doesn’t have any doubt about its authenticity.

DIY Glitter Bomb Card

4. DIY Glitter Bomb Stick

The stick full of glitters is a nice thing to gift your friends. Use some paper straws for this easy tutorial.

Glitter Bomb: Do it Yourself

So if you are wondering about how to make fun of your friends, this is the ideal time to make some glitter bombs in the form of cards, envelops and sticks.

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