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How to Make Cute Squishies: 15+ DIYs

Squishy toys are known for relieving you from your everyday stress caused by diverse reasons. By squeezing such things, your mind tends to release the tension that bugs it the most. As the pressure increases in our day-to-day lives, such toys have become essential to keep, both at home and office. However, making them can also give you some joyful experiences, and to get a good idea about it, go through the tutorials.

DIY Squishies Pictures

1. How to Make Watermelon Squishies

Be it for your office presentations or college exam stress, you can always find solace in such squishies. This particular one with a bright red shade is charming enough to soothe you.

How to Make a Watermelon Squishy

2. How to Make a Colorful Unicorn Squishy for Kids

Kids love unicorns and the following ones made of cello bag, tissues, and cotton are perfect options to be gifted.

Homemade Unicorn Squishy Tutorial

You may also add horns and ears to the squishy to give it a 3D look.

3D Paper Squishy Tutorial

3. Paper Squishy: DIY

Make a paper bag squishy with the help of your kids and have unlimited fun. This could be an excellent way to keep your baby occupied at least for a couple of hours while you do your household chores.

Paper Squishy Idea

The look of the squishy will depend on how you draw faces on it. It could be happy, angry, or even sad.

No-foam Squishy for Kids

If you are a lover of ice cream, then draw one instead of any face.

Make Your Squishy with Paper

4. Instruction for Making Your Own Squishy

The cute and funny faces of French fries, burgers, and a pair of lips are exciting for all. You can choose any other pattern if you wish.

Funny Squishy Faces

5. Tutorial for Making Slow-rising Squishies

Use fabric paint to color the pieces of foam to make the colors long-lasting. For extra fun, you can add sparkles or glitters.

Tutorials for Slow-rising Colorful Squishies

6. Easy Way to Make a Rainbow Squishy

The crescent-shaped squishy is great to keep on the couch so that guests can experience the fun as well. Instead of rainbow, one can color the slice like a half-moon.

Make a Rainbow Squishy in an Easy Way

7. Making a Heart Squishy with Memory Foam

Gift your valentine a pink squishy in a heart shape. This one is made of memory foam, so it is light without a doubt.

Heart Squishy with Memory Foam

8. Sponge Squishy: Do it Yourself

This particular squishy looks like a piece of cake. Individuals can cut the sponge in any of their desired shapes and then paint it accordingly for a realistic look.

If having a minion friend is your long standing wish, then make a minion squishy with foam, yellow, black, and blue colors.

Minion Squishy Toy

For foodies, instead of any character, slices of cakes would be a relevant idea.

Makeup Sponge Squishy

Even cookies with cute faces will be good without a single doubt.

Kawaii Cookie Squishy:DIY

9. How to Make a Squishy Emoji for Beginners

The grumpy emoji is impersonating the idea that your squeezing is making it angry! Funny enough!

How to Make Emoji Squishies for Beginners with Paper

10. How to Make a Squishy with Duct Tape

We all have duct tapes at our home, so why not use it for a creative thing like making a squishy in your favorite donut shape.

How to Make a Duct Tape Donut Squishy

Paint your squishy in white and add a pair of ears to have a cutest panda ever.

Cute Panda Squishy for Kids

Even banana is a trendy theme for squishies.

Banana Squishy Made of Duct Tape

For baby girls, make it with a Hello Kitty theme and get ready to see them drool over such squishies.

Hello Kitty Squishy

11. How to Make a Popsicle Squishy

A blue ice-cream with a popsicle looks authentic, but when you paint faces on it, the squishy looks funnier.

Ice-cream Squishy with Popsicles

12. DIY Colorful Squishies Out of Memory Foam

Make multiple squishies in different shades so that when you keep them together they create a beautiful aura about themselves.

Squishies Made of Memory Foam

13. DIY Christmas Squishies

During the festive month of December, make some Christmas tree squishy like the following one. The instruction is easy and making this particular one would take hardly 30 minutes.

Christmas Squishy: Do it Yourself

14. Squishy Balls with Net or Mesh: Do it Yourself

Making a swishy ball and putting it inside mesh gives you a different kind of satisfaction, especially when you squeeze it, the ball gets to go inside every loop of the net.

DIY Squishy Balls with Mesh and Net

15. Instruction for Making Colorful Squishy

Who doesn’t like pizza? Even as a squishy, it is the top favorite of all people, without a doubt. Take a look at the instruction.

Pizza Squishy Tutorial

Ingredients for making some squishies require sponges or papers, foams or balloons. As you can see, all of these are easily available at home, and even if one has to buy them, they come at a reasonable price. So, creating some squishies need the least of your effort.

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