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How to Make Yarn Dolls in 19+ Different Ways

Yarn dolls, rising to popularity in North America during the colonial era using homespun yarn have a long and eventful history.  These dolls were a part of most American households, holding a special place in the life of little girls, who treated these inanimate objects as real beings, involving them in each sphere of their everyday lives. If you desire to try your hands at these overly cute dolls, then glance through these informative tutorials mentioned below.

Yarn Doll Craft

1. Instructions to Make Yarn Dolls

Give your kiddo the absolute liberty to decorate her favorite dolls with beads and ribbons.

How to Make Yarn Dolls

2. DIY Yarn Wrapped Dolls using Craft Sticks

 If you are finding the easiest way out to teach your preschooler the doll making craft, then wrap yarns around craft sticks and embellish them with beads as well as sparkles to give it a doll-like appearance.

Yarn Dolls

3. Easy DIY to Make Yarn Dolls

Stick pieces of applique on the apron to make it look bright and decorative.

How to Make Yarn Dolls Image

4. Easy Yarn Doll Tutorial for Kids

Try making a host of beautiful dresses using printed fabric for a personalized touch.

Yarn Dolls Picture

5. Interesting Pattern to Make an Octopus Yarn Doll

The wiggle eyes give the octopus a scary look. Choose black yarn if you plan to keep the octopus doll as a part of your Halloween craft.

Make a Yarn Doll Octopus

6. How to Make a Yarn Voodoo Doll

You would perhaps leave behind the age-old tradition of making Voodoo dolls to cast spells on your worst enemy. They would rather make for lovely souvenirs or centerpieces. To make it look less eerie remove the pin and dress it in a beautiful fabric for a pleasing look.

Yarn Voodoo Doll

Attach a clasp to it for a  funky little Voodoo keychain.

Yarn Voodoo Doll Keychain

7. How to Make a Yarn Doll from Esperanza Rising

While reading out the  struggle of brave Esperanza and her urge to fight against all the odds to your kids, join her at the end of the story for a fun activity given at the back of the book “Making Mama’s Yarn Dolls.” To make it resemble the valiant Esperanza, design a frock similar to the one shown on the cover page.

How to Make a Yarn Doll from Esperanza Rising

To give your yarn doll a traditional touch, dress it in the outfit of the culture that you follow or that charms you the most. For a Mexican look, the female doll may adorn a printed tunic, while the males may deck up in vibrant colored pants. Design a large headdress for both as shown in the image below. You may even opt for beaded jewelry to give an authentic look.

Mexican Yarn Dolls

Though not an easy task, you can make an African couple as shown in the given image by knitting and crocheting. If you do not want to opt the tedious way, just make a doll using yarn following the tutorials as mentioned above and choose a red and black fabric for their attire. You can stitch or crochet a hat separately and attach it on your dolls.

African Yarn Dolls

8. Tutorial to Make a Yarn Doll

Yarn Doll Tutorial

9. How to Make Pretty Angel Dolls with Yarns

The satin ribbons give the heavenly angels a serene and pristine look. You can add showy buttons in the middle and use green or red satin ribbons for the wings to bring in the Christmas fervor.

Yarn Doll Angels

10. Fun DIY to Make Dolls with Yarns

Yarn Dolls DIY

11. Step by Step Instructions to Make Yarn Dolls

The fringes in the hair give it a human touch. You can also try other creative hairstyles like a bun or braids.

Yarn Doll Instructions

12. Making Amigurumi Dolls with Yarn

If you are a pro at crocheting, then adopt this Japanese style of knitting toys and stuffing them with yarn. The following tutorial would help you make a playful cow like the one given in the picture below.

Yarn for Amigurumi Dolls

13. Directions to Make Christmas Ornaments with Yarn Dolls

You can make it in white yarn and deck it up in red pants and shirt to create a Santa-like appearance.

Yarn Doll Christmas Ornament

14. How to make Disney Dolls with Yarn

The above tutorial link would assist you in modeling your doll after any Disney princess of your choice. Design gorgeous gowns, choosing appropriate colors for the princess you make like a blue one Cinderella, lavender for Rapunzel as well as a combination of yellow and blue for snow white.

Disney Yarn Dolls

15. DIY to Curl Yarn for Making Doll Hair

Adding strands of hair on your doll would give it a realistic touch. If you are a curly hair freak, then design those enticing curls for your cuddly doll too.

How to Make Curly Yarn Doll Hair

16. Handmade Zombie Witch with Yarn

Choose a black-orange combination and hang these scary zombies on your wall alongside other decorations on the eve of Halloween to compel the guests to shudder in fright.

Zombie Yarn Doll

17. How to Make Mini Yarn Worry Dolls

Make a host of these worry dolls for your child and ask him to pick one doll for sharing one trouble. In this way, he would have confided all his worries to each one of them feeling relieved from within.

Yarn Worry Dolls

18. Yarn Yoshi Doll Tutorial

Following the amigurumi pattern, you can make this famous dinosaur and enthrall your kid.

Yarn Yoshi Doll

19. How to Make a Personalized Yarn Doll

Dress the dolls in costumes typical to each family member and place the full team near the family photograph.

Personalized Yarn Doll

Get set to be engrossed into the fun-filled process of making these wonderful dolls and gift them to your little girl or nearest kith and kin.

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