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24+ Innovative Shoe Painting DIY Ideas

Besides t-shirt and denim, painting old, worn-out shoes or even new ones with simple design has turned into a trend in the recent times. To give your white canvas or leather shoes an enticing makeover, you may undoubtedly chalk out an exciting design and paint using the colors of your choice. Acrylic paints are the best since it provides the shoes a smooth as well as a lasting finish.

DIY Shoe Painting Pictures

1. DIY Galaxy Shoe Painting

The blend of blue and white paints brings out the galaxy look beautifully. You can even design small stars on the top or to the side using white color to make it appear like a real galaxy.

Shoe Painting Idea

2. Hand Painted Sneakers DIY

Draw the cat with a prominent black marker, color using acrylic paint, and then fix rhinestones or any embellishment of your choice for decoration.

DIY Shoe Painting Idea

3. How to Paint a Shoe with Quirky Green Design

The yellow paint on the lace teams well with the green body.

Canvas Shoe Painting Idea

4. Easy DIY to Paint Ballet Pointe Shoes

Attaching black elastic and ribbons would make it look all the more attractive.

Easy Shoe Painting Idea

5. Cool Design to DIY on A Nike Air Force 1 Shoe

The plethora of colors on the shoes make it look appealing.

Cool Shoe Painting Idea

6. Converse Sneakers Painting DIY

You could bring in the entire sea on your shoes by painting the water flecks, blue waves, and boats, as shown here.

Idea to Paint on a Shoe

7. A Cute Spring-Themed Sneaker Painting Idea

The two pairs of shoes are unique and different in their design. The black and white geometric pattern on the first one makes it perfect for formal occasions. On the other hand, the abrupt design created on the second one because of the impromptu splashing of colors gives it a chic look. If gifting it to your teacher for Teacher’s Day or mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day, then add a special message too.

Cute Painted Shoe Idea

8. DIY Painted Shoes for Summer

The combination of light and dark green paint gives it a perfect summer feel.

DIY Painted Shoes Idea

9. Hand Painted Pineapple Sneakers Idea

If planning to design your footwear for fall, replace the pineapple with pretty pumpkins.

Hand Painted Shoe Idea

You could design a Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the shoes, as shown here. Draw out the design, paint it in black, and add a red bow for the Minnie Mouse.

Simple Shoe Painting Idea

10. How to Paint Mermaid Shoes

The blue and purple pattern makes it perfect beach footwear.

How to Paint Shoes

11. Painted Canvas Shoes Tutorial

The cactus and succulent theme on the shoes makes it immensely appealing.

How to Paint Canvas Shoes

12. Leather-Painted Shoe Instructions

How to Paint Leather Shoe

13. DIY to Spray Paint Shoes

You could spray paint the entire shoes or just a part of it. If planning to design one for Christmas, then a combination of red and gold would be great.

How to Spray Paint a Shoe

14. Directions to Paint Suede Shoes

The patches of green or pink give them a gorgeous look.

How to Paint Suede Shoes

15. DIY to Paint a Black Shoes

The orange and black ribbons tied as laces give the shoe an immensely unconventional look.

How to Paint Black Canvas Shoes

16. Rubber Soled Shoes Painting DIY

You may not want to paint the entire shoes but just the sole. This tutorial would guide you to the fullest. Mixing Modge Podge with the paint helps the latter maintain a firm bond with the rubber. 

How to Paint Rubber Shoes

17. Interesting DIY to Paint Satin Shoes

You can make a bow out of ribbons and glue it to the center for a beautiful look.

How to Paint Satin Shoes

18. Speckle Painting a Canvas Shoes DIY

How to Speckle Paint Shoes

Select your kid’s favorite character, sketch out the design using a marker, and color it with the paint of your choice.

Cartoon Shoe Painting Idea

19. Instructions to Decorate Your Shoes with Golden Spray Paint

Following the instructions in the above tutorial, you may convert a simple shoe into a sparkling golden one just by spray painting on it.

How to Spray Paint Shoes Gold

20. How to Remodel Your Crocs Using Spray Paint

The pink body and the green straps look great on the crocs.

How to Paint Crocs Shoes

21. Hand Painting Cycling Shoes DIY

How to Paint Cycling Shoes

22. DIY to Paint Flames on Shoes

The blend of red and yellow brings out the perfect flame design.

How to Paint Flames on Shoes

23. DIY to Paint Mesh and Canvas Shoes

How to Paint Mesh Shoes

24. Shoe Painting Idea for Halloween DIY

You could paint a witch or a skeleton’s face on the shoes for a creepy effect.

Halloween Shoe Painting Idea

While painting a shoe, the first criterion would be to clean it up nicely so that the colors may get absorbed well. To prevent the paint from cracking, make it a point to use thin layers. Also, let the first one dry before adding a new one. The above tutorials would give you unique designs to paint shoes for yourself or your kids to grace any occasion like wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, and so on. If you love experimenting with various patterns, then consider tie-dying shoes to give them a unique appearance.

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  1. I’ve been painting my shoes for years now. I started because it was something fun to do and also a little practical. First, you can paint your shoes in the summer time when they are already outside in the sun all day long, so it’s much easier than painting them indoors at home.
    Second, you don’t have to buy any special paints or primers that might be hard to find or expensive if you want different colors (like purple!) Thirdly, by painting your own shoe with unique designs, nobody will ever know what kind of design is on your shoe!

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