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6 Creative Ideas for DIY Pine Cone Owls

Pine cone owls are an excellent decorative item that doesn’t cost you a fortune. Moreover, making them is not at all a time-consuming affair for craft enthusiasts. So, with the help of the following tutorials, have some fun and give wings to your creativity.

Pine Cone Owl Craft

1. Homemade Colorful Pine Cone Owl

For your kid’s bedroom, make a cute pine cone owl and enhance the décor. Those big round wiggle eyes and tiny wings make an amazing combination. You can also try other color combinations for the eyes and feet.

Pine Cone Owl

2. DIY Pine Cone Owl Ornament

It would only take half an hour to make this pine cone owl. Use bright felt sheets to make it vivacious.

Pine Cone Owl Ornament

3. Pine Cone Snowy Owl Craft for Kids

Grab some cotton balls and make your snowy pine cone owl for this Christmas, with the tutorial coming complete with instructions for a nest as well. With two different sized eyes, this one has a comical appearance.

Pine Cone Owl Craft for Kids

4. How to Make Funny Pine Cone Owls

Encourage your children to paint the eyes made of acorn tops, and attach candy corns for the nose and talons.

Pine Cone Owls

5. Grumpy Pine Cone Owl Pattern

This one imbibes a realistic appearance of a great horned owl due to a tricky use of maple tree seeds, acorn caps, and pine cones.

Pine Cone Owl Instruction

6. Quirky Pine Cone Owls for the Garden

Place a pair of amusing pine cone owls in your garden and amaze everyone. This is probably the simplest of all the tutorials given in this page.

Pine Cone Owl Art

Instead of gifting pricey showpieces to your near and dear ones, you may give them such pine cone owls along with some more embellishments. These will mirror your love and craftsmanship at the same time. Doesn’t it sound cool?

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