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18+ Selfie Photo Booth Frame Ideas and Tutorials for Fun

Any party is incomplete without a photo session, and using photo booth frames enhances your photos and the experience. With some readily available supplies and a few hours of dedication, you can make such photo and selfie frames at home.

Selfie Photo Booth Frame Ideas Picture

1. How to Make Your Photo Booth Frame with Lights

The beautiful frame studded with LED lights will also act as a nice décor to your drawing-room. You can put color-coordinated lights as well.

Photo Booth Frame

2. Photo Booth Frame for Wedding

The photo frame has a softness of its appearance, perfect for pre-wedding, rehearsal dinner, and bridal shower parties. If you can color or paint them in wooden shades, then the frame will be ideal for backyard parties.

DIY Photo Booth Frame for Wedding

You may choose a bigger and broader frame, and it would still look stunning, especially with the floral decoration.

Large Photo Booth Frame DIY

Try putting some flowers that go with the party dress code. This will create a nice balance and synchronization between the subject of the photo and the frame itself.

DIY Flower Photo Booth Frame

3. Photo Booth Frame for Your Garden Party

A rectangular frame with some vibrant sunflowers! Looks like an ideal garden party decoration idea. Although this is not a decoration per se, still, it will look relevant.

Photo Booth Picture Frame

4. Polarized Photo Frame: Do It Yourself

The advantage of this photo frame is that you don’t have to carry it in your hands while clicking pictures. You can stand and pose better for nice clicks if your hands are free.

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame

This half-stationary frame can be placed at the balcony or any open space where lights come well. You can write the name in the space or put some lettered balloon to spell the name.

Wooden Photo Booth Frame

5. Video Tutorial for Making a Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame

For a baby shower party, a photo booth frame is a must, and how about getting a demo regarding its instruction? Check out the link to clearly understand how easy it is to make such frames.

Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame

The decoration is actually up to individuals as there is no hard and fast rule. Some cutouts of balloons, baby outfits, milk bottles, and diapers could be attached to the frame.

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame for Baby Shower

You can merge the sky blue theme with ice or snow theme. The idea of celebrating a baby boy will be served well.

Baby Shower Photo Booth Frame for Boy

6. Photo Booth Frame for a Bridal Shower Party

The brown photo booth frame can be used later as well if you use a removable sharpie pen to write the purpose and the name of the person you are of throwing the party for.

Bridal Shower Photo Booth Frame

7. Photo Booth Frame for a Graduation Party

If your son or daughter is graduating soon, then make some frames like this, mentioning the year of the graduation.

Graduation Photo Booth Frame

8. Photo Booth Frame with Social Media Icon

Want to appear in insta posts with hashtags? Then make a photo frame with the theme of Instagram, like this one.

Instagram Selfie Photo Booth Frame

You can write the hashtags about the person or the picture about to be clicked.

Cut Out Frames for Photo Booth

Don’t forget to add some colors to make such frames quirky and funny.

Personalized Photo Booth Frame

9. Easy Tutorial for Making Photo Booth Frame at Home

Instead of square of rectangle frames, make an oval photo frame with assorted supplies like artificial flowers and colorful ribbons. The fun is that you can place it in every direction.

Photo Booth Frame Prop

10. Festive Photo Booth Frame Décor for Christmas

When Christmas is approaching, leave no stone unturned to enjoy with your family by clicking lots of pictures. Wish a nice frame like this one? Go through the tutorial linked with the heading and make multiple frames.

Christmas Photo Booth Frame

For a fun-filled bash with friends, the frame will be effective as well. You can change the writing as per your requirement.

Holiday Photo Booth Frame

11. Photo Booth Frame for Selfie

For birthday celebrations of kids at home, a personalized selfie or photo frame like this one to win their hearts. Make it as colorful as possible.

Cardboard Photo Booth Picture Frame

Incorporate what your kids love on the frame to make him/her extra special. Here the unicorn theme is done by attaching a cute glittery horn on top of the frame.

Unicorn Photo Booth Frame

A nice floral embellishment wouldn’t be bad either, especially for grown-ups.

Picture Frame Prop for Photo Booth

12. Photo Booth Frame: Tutorial and Ideas

The photo booth with beautiful shades of powder blue and white goes well together. Be it birthday party, gender reveal, a beer or drink-theme party, such frames will be useful. Characters like Baby Sark, Batman, Avengers, Marvel heroes or anything that you wish can be incorporated in this very tutorial. Just gather some printables or cut-outs of such characters and affix them on the frame.

Custom Photo Booth Frame

This is for an Easter party with bunnies and eggs painted on the frame. The tutorial is the same, but what you will be painting remains to be your decision.

Photo Booth Frame Idea

This pink and blue combination is good for a gender-reveal party.

Gender Reveal Photo Booth Frame

13. First Day of School Photo Booth Frame

To capture the moment when your kid is going to the school for the first time, taking photo is a must. But, to add some personalized touch, make the photo frame yourself.

Polaroid Photo Booth Frame

14. Disney Photo Booth Frame

Disney lovers can also incorporate unique themes like Mickey Mouse, Snow-white, Beauty and the Beast, and so on while making photo booth frames. The basic frame will be the same, just the ornamentation will be according to the theme.

Mickey Mouse Photo Booth Frame

Mini Mouse is iconic too, for a photo booth frame for your daughter.

Minnie Mouse Photo Booth Frame

15. Photo Booth Frame for Halloween Decoration

The scary design of the photo booth frame is ideal and apt for Halloween parties. This is a big frame, but using the same tutorial, you can make a smaller frame as well.

Halloween Photo Booth Frame

16. Photo Booth Frame Stand with PVC Pipes

Who knew PVC pipe could be so useful that en entire photo booth frame can be made. You can place it in your backyard or garden and decorate accordingly.

Photo Booth Backdrop Frame

The width or length can vary, and that will solely depend on the availability of the pipes and, of course, your choice.

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Frame Idea

17. Large Foam Photo Booth Frame

If you wish to have a light-to-carry photo booth frame, that will make it easy to enjoy the photo session, then make one with commercially available polystyrene foam like Styrofoam.

Styrofoam Photo Booth Frame

18. Selfie Photo Booth Frame

A small selfie or photo booth frame can be kept throughout the year to use it multiple times. For example, make one following this tutorial for a birthday party. You can again use it later by wrapping new sheets all over the frame and drawing stuff relevant to that party.

DIY Selfie Frame

The idea is to have fun with a personalized photo frame, and that is why people make such things at home. Commercially they are available, but creating one with your family members or friends involves warmth and love, making the event more special.

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