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24+ Unique DIYs to Make Colorful Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are a great hit for any occasion like birthdays, weddings, dance programs, or even for a gymnastic show. They also attract kids at an instant who would love flaunting them to glory while twirling them in different directions. Making them at home is indeed a cakewalk as all you need is a popsicle stick, craft stick or lollipop stick for the wand, that needs to be wrapped with a showy ribbon. You could stitch the ribbon or even attach a no-sew one by merely gluing it.

Ribbon Wand DIY Pictures

1. Easy DIY to Make Ribbon Wands

Painting a part of the dowel in the color of the ribbon it would hold indeed seems a unique idea.

Ribbon Wands

2. How to Make a Pretty Send Off Ribbon Wand for Wedding

The addition of bells makes this colorful ribbon wand appear all the more gorgeous. This would indeed be a perfect send-off idea for your wedding, particularly if you detest adding glitters or confetti that would require a lot of cleanups afterward.

Wedding Ribbon Wand

3. How to Make Gorgeous Wedding Ribbon Wands

Following the cue in the tutorial above, you could make pretty ribbon wands like ones in the picture below and decorate them with bells as well as bows.

Wedding Ribbon Wands

4.  How to Make Colorful Ribbon Wands for Dance

The bigger the ribbon, the easier it will be to sway it rhythmically during a dance performance.

Dance Ribbon Wands

5. Rainbow Ribbon Bands Tutorial

To make them wavy go for longer ribbon wands. These adorable rainbow wands are perfect to give to flower girls.

DIY Ribbon Wands

6. How to Make a Colorful Ribbon Wand

The colorful ribbon gives the wand a gorgeous look.

How to Make Ribbon Wand

7. Easy Ribbon Wand Craft for Kids

You could go for stylish knots while fixing the ribbons to the dowel. For further decoration, wrap washi tape around the dowel or even decorate it with hearts, butterflies or stars.

Ribbon Wand

8. DIY Gymnastic Ribbon Stick

A short stick attached to a long ribbon would help in attaining a twirly effect.

Gymnastics Ribbon Wand

9. How to Make Lovely Ribbon Wands for Kids

How to Make Ribbon Wands

10. DIY Ribbon Wands for Wedding Exit

Roll the ribbon round the wands and place them in a bowl or mason jar for guests to take as the bride and the groom depart.

Ribbon Wands Wedding Exit

11. Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon DIY

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon

12. No-Sew Fairy Rainbow Ribbon Wand DIY

You could write a special message on the cloud design attached to the ribbons.

Rainbow Ribbon Wand

13. Pretty Ribbon Wand for Dancers

You could attach two or three ribbons to the wand for a splendid appeal.

Ribbon Dancer Wand

14. DIY Hand-lettered Ribbon Wands for Bells

These lettered ribbons attached to the bells intensify their beauty to the fullest.

Ribbon Wands with Bells

15. Directions to Make Wedding Ribbons for Flower Girls

The four-colored ribbons attached to an embroidered floss makes it apt for a flower girls’ ribbon wand.

Flower Girl Ribbon Wand

16. Gold Ribbon Wand DIY

You could make these lovely gold ribbon wands when organizing a childhood cancer awareness program.

Gold Ribbon Wands

For a princess-themed party, this lavender ribbon wand would be perfect. A combination of bright and dark ribbons would help make a beautiful one, as shown in the image below.

How to Make Lavender Ribbon Wand

17. Cute Ribbon Wands for Kids Instructions

To make the nursery rhyme session more interesting, make lovely ribbon wands with craft sticks.

Ribbon Wands for Kids

18. DIY Frozen Princess Wands

These blue wands would be ideal for a frozen-themed party. The snowflakes attached to the wands make it all the more unique.

Princess Ribbon Wand

19. Homemade Twirling Ribbon Sticks DIY

Attaching lovely ribbons to a stick makes for a fabulous twirling ribbon that kids would have a whale of a time swinging around.

Twirling Ribbon Wand

20. Ribbon Wand Sticks DIY

If making the wand for younger children, ensure to keep it short to avoid choking hazards.

Ribbon Wand Sticks

Attach lollipop sticks to red ribbons or paper strips as shown here for a marvelous looking red ribbon.

Red Ribbon Wands

21. Blue Ribbon Wedding Wands DIY

Blue Ribbon Wands

22. Easy Stick Ribbon Streamers DIY

While on a camping spree, you could make this ribbon streamer with twigs or sticks that you may find around as well as pretty ribbons.

Ribbon Streamers

23. Tutorial to Make a Ribbon Streamer Wand

Ribbon Streamer

24. Ribbon Sticks Making Directions

You could make a blue wand for your champ and a pink one for your princess.

Ribbon Sticks

This coral dancing ribbon, as shown in the given image, is quite self-explanatory. Attach a ribbon of this color to a lollipop stick, and you would have a beautiful wand at hand.

Ribbon Dancing Stick

These amazing DIYs would undoubtedly assist you in making ribbon or streamer wands for any occasion. If you plan to do something like this for Halloween, then go for a Harry Potter wand.

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