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22+ Unique DIYs with Ideas to Make Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

While selecting the décor for your wedding, the choice of centerpieces to be kept on the tables is indeed important. With mason jars being one of the choicest items for making a whole lot of things, you can go for creative centerpieces using the same. Check out the host of DIYs given below to get a glimpse of some amazing mason jar centerpieces you can make.

DIY Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces Idea Pictures

1. DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

By putting photos of the both of you, the centerpiece would look absolutely remarkable. A message can even be attached to the pictures for further effect.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

2. Interesting Idea to Make a Mason Jar Centerpiece with a Tree Slice

You can paint the tree slice based on the theme color of your wedding.

Mason Jar Centerpiece Idea

3. DIY Rustic Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars

The twine may be replaced with colorful ribbons.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars

4. DIY to Make an Elegant Wedding Centerpiece with Mason Jars and Burlap

You can choose burlap flowers of several shades for a colorful effect.

Mason Jar Burlap Wedding Centerpiece

For a late summer or early spring wedding, a mason jar centerpiece wrapped in burlap and lace filled with fresh sunflowers would be an ideal decoration idea. You could also fill the mason jars with neutral stones and floating candle and place the sunflowers around it for decoration.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces with Sunflowers

5. Tutorialfor Making Mason Jar Centerpieces with Table Numbers for Wedding  Reception

You can also write the table numbers on a chart paper for a neat finish instead of the pages of the old book as shown here.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Wedding Reception

6. DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars

DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars
Mason Jar Wedding Vintage Centerpieces

7. How to Make Wedding Centerpieces for Wedding Shower

The lace ribbon over the burlap background gives it a grand look.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Wedding Shower

If you want to keep it short and simple then just get pretty mason jars like these and decorate them with flowers of your choice like hydrangea, rose tulip, baby’s breath or a host of wildflowers. If you do not have fresh flowers at hand, faux ones could serve your purpose. Tying a ribbon around would entice the look further.

Simple Mason Jar Centerpieces

8. How toMake Mason Jar Leaf Centerpieces for a Fall Wedding

Decorating with maple leaves add the autumn fervor. You could even get a simple and easier design by just painting the jars in fall colors and tying a showy ribbon around.

Fall Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

9. Howto Make Candles in Mason Jar

The colorful candles in the jar would give it a delightful look.

Mason Jar Candle Centerpieces for Weddings

For a wedding with the theme color white, this mason jar with white flowers and white laces would be immensely perfect.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Country Style Wedding

10. DIY Purple Wedding Centerpieces Using  Mason Jars

You can also prefer painting your mason jar purple and then decorating it with a white ribbon for a soothing effect. You could experiment with a whole lot of colors like red, pink, teal and burgundy.

Purple Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

If you choose blue then take mason jars of this shade and fill it with lovely flowers as well as decorate it with ribbons and other embellishments of your choice.

Wedding Centerpieces with Blue Mason Jars

11. Unique Mason Jar Centerpieces for Spring

The glitters, burlap and laces make it all the more beautiful.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Spring Wedding

If you do not want to spend a fortune on the centerpieces then the cheapest way of designing them would be to take mason jars and fill them with flowers and floating candles as shown in the picture below.

Cheap Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

12. Directions for Making Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces with Flowers

For a simple yet elegant arrangement all you need to do is get mason jars add fresh or faux flowers and dress them up with laces or ribbons.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces with Flowers

13. DIY Beach Theme Wedding Mason Jar Centerpiece

Filling your mason jar with sands and sea shells absolutely justifies a beach-the med wedding. You can color the shells for a unique look. To keep it short and simple you could just alternate white and royal blue mason jars nicely decorated with flowers and other embellishments for a beach-like look.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Beach Wedding

If your wedding is due in Christmas, then an idea like the one shown in the image below would be an apt one for you. All you need to do is arrange mason jars, decorate them with twine or even green or red ribbons, make reindeers or snowflakes with cardboard and attach it to them.

Idea for Wedding Centerpieces Using Mason Jars

14. DIY Summer Wedding Baby’s Breath Centerpiece with Mason Jar

The burlap, lace, along with beautiful flowers sitting on the mason jar brings in the perfect summer fervor.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Summer Wedding

15. Instructions to Make Wedding Table Centerpieces Using Mason Jars

The burlap table runner alongside the burlap flower encircling the mason jar would add to its elegance.

Mason Jar Wedding Table Centerpieces

16. Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces Painted in Gold

Painted Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

17. Ideas to Decorate Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

The chalkboard-style painted mason jars, look classy, don’t they?

How to Decorate Mason Jars for Wedding Centerpieces

Painting the mason jars in red and white partially or wholly would be a great idea while doing it up for Christmas.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Winter Weddings

18. MasonJar Lantern Centerpieces for an Outdoor Wedding

For an outdoor wedding, these bright lanterns would illuminate your surroundings to the fullest.

Lantern Wedding Centerpiece Mason Jar

If you are looking for something gorgeous yet easy, then this idea where corn kernels and tea candles are contained in the mason jar is indeed an amazing one.

Easy Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars

19. Winter Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars, Lace and Pine cones Ideas

The various ideas in the links would give you an easy insight into how to experiment with mason jars and pinecones.

Winter Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars with Lace and Pinecones

20. DIY for a Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece with Baby Breath and String Lights

Fairy Lights in Mason Jars Wedding Centerpieces

21. Elegant Mason Jar Nautical-Themed Centerpieces for Wedding

For an elegant appeal, you could remove the lid and decorate the mason jars with ribbons and lights.

Mason Jar Centerpieces for Wedding Nautical Elegant

22. DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces Using Glitter

Following the tutorial in the given link which shows you how to make a mason jar vase using glitters, you could similarly design centerpieces. The shade of glitter could correspond to the theme color of your wedding.

Glitter Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

The tutorials mentioned above would have definitely given you an idea on how to make elegant and chic centerpieces for wedding sing mason jars. You could either go for small or pint sized mason jars or even large ones, depending on the space and area you have designated for your wedding.

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