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8 Unique Ways to Make a Cute Dinosaur Pinata

Pinatas are something which you would always be fascinated towards during any occasion be it the festive season or your little one’s birthday. Paper mache is one of the popular and easiest techniques of making a piñata, though cardboard boxes may also be used.  These mighty extinct animals have been a sought-after choice for most craft works. Making a piñata of a dinosaur or its eggs would be something that your kids may be delighted to do. Check out the tutorials to get an understanding of the same.

DIY Dinosaur Pinata Pictures

1. Baby Dinosaur Paper Mache Pinata DIY

Two latex balloons would be required for making this piñata, one for the head and the other to design the body. The crown and horns with a yellow crepe paper and the eyes with a red one make the dinosaur look exceedingly adorable.

Dinosaur Pinata

2. How to Make a Dinosaur Pull String Pinata

The tutorial above shows how to make a pull string piñata. Following the same pattern, you may design a dinosaur pull string piñata, with the face being green instead of red.

Dinosaur Pull String Pinata

3. How to Make a Dinosaur Egg Pinata

The humungous sized egg decorated with a splash of attractive colors would be a great joy for your kids. Placing it amidst leaves and twigs brings in the primitive feel.

Dinosaur Egg Pinata

4. Tutorial to Make Cute Dinosaur Egg Pinatas

Sprinkling dashes of green paint on the eggs make it enticing.

How to Make a Dinosaur Egg Pinata

5. How to Make Your Own Derek the Dino Pinata

This tutorial is an exception, where cardboard is used instead of paper mache.

Dinosaur Pinata How to Make

6. DIY Dinosaur Theme Pinata

This number-themed dinosaur piñata would be an absolute pleasure to make on your little one’s first, second or any birthday. Glitters, beads and other stuff may be used to give it a gorgeous look.

DIY Dinosaur Pinata

The number would just change; the remaining methods would remain the same. The addition of orange papers to the size resembles a crown and makes the piñata look even more attractive.

Dinosaur Pinata Number 3

7. How to Make a Big Dinosaur Pinata

The big-sized dinosaur piñata could be placed in the center of your garden while organizing an outdoor party. The pink mouth and googly eyes are a fun addition to the Stegosaurus.

Large Dinosaur Pinata

If the piñata is made for your little princess, you could add a pretty pink bow on the dinosaur to give it a girlish appearance. The rest of the technique would be the same as shown above where you either use the paper mache technique or cardboard to make the body and head.

Girl Dinosaur Pinata

8. How to Make a Baby Dinosaur Pinata at Home

The brown body and the green belly intensifies this little creature’s cuteness to the fullest.

Homemade Dinosaur Pinata

The photo below is pretty self-explanatory that shows the steps to make a long-necked dinosaur pinata. You could attach a red bow on top for a feminine touch.

Pink Dinosaur Pinata

With a whole lot of interesting tutorials at hand you are just a step away from making a dinosaur piñata, large, extra large or small, of any color with green being the prominent one though shades of pink and purple would also be suited. The popular T-Rex dinosaur which walks on two legs may even be designed.

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