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8 Unique Ways to Make Paper Lantern String Lights

Paper lanterns serve as ideal home décor for any special occasions. Attaching them to string or LED lights would make them appear all the more gorgeous. You can either buy paper lanterns, add the string light and then hang them, or even make them at home using origami paper and then attach lights to the lanterns. The string lights may either be electric or battery operated, though in the latter case it would not last for long if it has to be lit for a prolonged span. Let us check the tutorials below for different ways of making string lights at home. 

Paper Lantern String Light Pictures

1. DIY Large Multi-Colored Paper String Lanterns

Take different shades of origami paper to make bright and colorful lanterns just like the ones shown in the tutorial below.

Paper Lantern String Lights

2. Hanging Paper Lantern String Lights Instructions

If you already have paper lanterns, this video shows you the way to arrange and hang them.

Hanging Paper Lanterns String Lights

3. How to Make Origami Paper Lantern String Lights

The fun designs give the paper lantern an out-of-the-box look.

Origami Paper Lantern String Lights

4. Directions to Make Indoor Paper Lanterns with Lights

If you are planning it as a part of your Christmas decor you could make a chain of green and red paper placed alternately for a spectacular effect.

Indoor Paper Lantern String Lights

5. DIY Instructions to Make Paper Cube LED String Lights

The paper cubes adds elegance to the string lights.

DIY Paper Lantern String Lights

6. White Paper Lantern String Lights for Halloween DIY

This white paper lantern would be a fabulous pick especially if you are planning for an outdoor wedding. Make the size a little bigger than the one shown here and decorate it with colorful lights. You could go for orange papers if you intend to design it for fall.

White Paper Lantern String Lights

7. Gorgeous Origami Paper String Lights for Wedding

If you desire to hang it over a large area make bigger lanterns. You may craft some unique designs like a heart on the lantern to bring in the wedding feel.

Paper Lantern String Lights Wedding

8. How to Make Paper Lantern String Lights

You could even go for diverse geometrical shapes like a rectangle, cube, or square and then fit them with LED lights.

How to Make Paper String Lights

If you love decorating your house with unique lanterns then you may even make one with a mason jar, tin cans, yarn, paper star, and the list is endless. Place them nicely outdoors or decorate them indoors, to brighten your home to the fullest.

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