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20 Ways to Make a Yarn Wig

Dressing in outlandish costumes and dancing the night away is what Halloween all about. To add some funky element to your ensemble this year is a handmade wig using spools of yarn. If you are wondering how it’s possible, scroll down to learn the DIY trick.

DIY Yarn Wig Pictures

1. Peel and Stick Yarn Wig

If there is a Halloween celebration at your kiddo’s friend house, this tutorial will come handy for any last minute preparation.

Yarn Wig

2. Making a Yarn Wig

To make this bushy wig, you can either use a beanie or swimmer’s cap.

How to Make a Yarn Wig

3. Cabbage Patch Yarn Wig

How to Make a Yarn Wig without Sewing

4. Easy Peasy Yarn Wig without Sewing

Have you ever tried making something unique for a fancy party? This red yarn wig will surely give you some DIY goals.

How to Make a Wig out of Yarn

5. Yarn Wig Pattern

If you love to display a punk look, consider making a colorful wig to dress your head.

Easy Yarn Wig

6. Making a Realistic Yarn Wig for Adults

Loud color popping on your head will be an appropriate addition to your entire Halloween ensemble.

How to Make a Realistic Wig out of Yarn

7. How to Make a Red Yarn Wig

Red Yarn Wig

8. How to Make a Dreadlock Wig out of Yarn

The punk style is back in the fashion circuit. You will surely time travel to the 80’s after donning the wig.

How to Make a Dreadlock Wig with Yarn

9. How to Make a Princess Yarn Wig

Besides making a cool fancy head accessory, this warm wig protects the head as well when the temperature outside dips a bit.

Yarn Princess Wig

10. Yarn Wig Project

Yellow Yarn Wig

11. How to Make a Costume Yarn Wig for Baby

Dress up your little girl for a fancy party in the most fashionable way with this neatly-done wig.

How to Make a Yarn Wig for Baby

12. How to Make a Blue Wig of Yarn

Blue Yarn Wig

13. Yarn Cosplay Wig

If you have an invitation to a costume party, dress funky with this bright red wig.

Yarn Cosplay Wig

14. Homemade Clown Yarn Wig

Dress up like a clown in this pompom wig made from yarn of different colors to celebrate Halloween.

Yarn Clown Wig

15. How to Make an Anna Yarn Wig

Your little princess will look beautiful in this cute wig. How about making this as your next DIY project?

Anna Yarn Wig

16. Merida Yarn Wig Tutorial

If your darling angel is a fan of Princess Merida of the Disney Fame, you can deck her up in the same costume, adding the whimsical wig.

Merida Yarn Wig

17. Homemade Little Old Lady Yarn Wig

If a little grandma comes knocking at your door for some candies on Halloween night, don’t be surprised.

Old Lady Yarn Wig

18. How to Make a Yarn Wig Rapunzel

Every girl dreams of having hair like Rapunzel. Though it’s possible in reality, you can make a temporary arrangement using the tutorial.

Rapunzel Yarn Wig

19. Elsa Yarn Wig Tutorial

Elsa Yarn Wig

20. Crochet Yarn Wig: DIY

If you want to give your hair the perfect makeover at home for Halloween, crochet a beautiful wig.

Crochet Yarn Wig

Wigs are fun to make not only during Halloween, but also for any fancy dress party at someone’s place. Moreover, you can make one with leftover yarns as well.

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